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With Further Ado #027: Pop-Up Pop Culture

Pop-Ups are one of the most fascinating, and most fun, trends in retail.  You know this concept even if you don’t think you know it.

There was a great disruption when American retail shifted from traditional downtown storefronts to malls. And more recently, disruptive retail shifts from malls to online shook it up again. As a result, the whole concept of zombie malls, those shambling, empty malls that serve as ominous monuments to the excess of the 80s, are frightening and tragic.

Today, even with the emphasis on online commerce, there’s another shift called Pop-Up retailing. At the core of it all, this term refers to the phenomenon of online retailers opening temporary retail stores to energize their brands and drive excitement for consumers.

The idea starts with the practice of setting up temporary retail establishments, but it certainly doesn’t end there.  Continue reading “With Further Ado #027: Pop-Up Pop Culture”