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So Long and Thanks for the Fish, Man #016: To Binge or Not To Binge

So Long and Thanks for the Fish, Man #016: To Binge or Not To Binge

As of late, I’ve been lucky to consume a metric ton of digital media. For those in-the-know, I tend to operate on two screens; one primarily for the drawing work I’m doing for the evening, and the second monitor to play something to keep my ears happy. I tend to toss on Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu, and let a show run while I draw. It’s good for when I need to take a mental break — no, seriously, drawing causes me to intensely focus so I need to take it easy every few minutes — and it’s good to catch up on all the shows in the zeitgeist.

Recently this has meant consuming the second season of Iron Fist, the third of Daredevil, and as of a few days ago… giving Runaways a try over on Hulu. And it got me thinking specifically about the shows I consume week-to-week versus multiple-episodes-a-night— The Flash, The Gifted, and Legion being the most well-known.

Binge-Culture is a thing now, isn’t it? Shows being made specifically to be absorbed en masse as quickly as possible. It allows for motifs (be they visual, auditory, or a combination) to form, fire, and be appreciated far easier than for shows where you return, at most, once a week. But just because binging exists doesn’t mean it’s a valuable tool for every show. Case in point: The Flash (or really any CW show).  Continue reading “So Long and Thanks for the Fish, Man #016: To Binge or Not To Binge”

Working Title #004: The Doctor and the Judge

Working Title #004: The Doctor and the Judge

Two big events occurred last weekend: Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed as a Supreme Court judge and the first woman to play Doctor Who (Jodie Whitaker) debuted. One event delighted me and the other appalled me. Can you guess which was which?

There is something that connects the two. Bear with me.

I’m a LONG time fan of the British SF show and this weekend the new season debuted on BBC America (and, indeed, around the globe). Lots of new things – new companions, new composer, new showrunner and chief writer (Chris Chibnall) and, most importantly, a new Doctor. Now, for those of you benighted souls who may not be aware, the show has had a very long run because of a very clever concept. The main character, the Doctor, is an alien, and every so often the Doctor’s body regenerates into a wholly new one with a completely different persona and this has kept the show fresh. This time, the Doctor also changed sex and became a woman, played delightfully by Jodie Whittaker.

Capsule review: I was very pleased. The show had mystery, suspense, humor, darkness, death and a sense of freshness. Mr. Chibnall’s script had a different feel than former showrunner Stephen Moffat that was very welcome and Ms. Whitaker makes a wonderful Doctor.

Not everyone will agree. How do I know? Because some fans were opposed from the moment she was announced, some going so far as to say they will never watch it. This is not altogether unusual; every time someone new steps into the TARDIS, a certain percentage of the fans voice their displeasure and/or anger and vow never to watch it again (their loss).

There was an undercurrent, however, to Ms. Whitaker’s selection and sometimes that current was not so under. It came down to her gender. A certain percentage of that certain percentage of fans said that the Doctor couldn’t be a GIRL. Eeeeuuuhhh!  Continue reading “Working Title #004: The Doctor and the Judge”

Brainiac On Banjo #015: Doctor Who – Without A Punny Headline!

Brainiac On Banjo #015: Doctor Who – Without A Punny Headline!

The Doctor: Why are you calling me Madam?
Yasmin Khan: Because… you’re a woman?
The Doctor: Am I? Does it suit me?
Yasmin Khan: What?
The Doctor: Oh yeah, I remember! Sorry, half an hour ago I was a white-haired Scots man.

Jodie Whittaker/Doctor Who
at Comic Con 2018 Photographed by Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock for Variety

We don’t know how to handle pronouns these days. That’s a transitional process as we evolve our language to more inclusive and less presumptuous forms. In the case of Doctor Who, that’s not as much of a problem. There have been 13 Doctors thus far — give or take — and the new one is the first to be a woman, at least as a matter of outside packaging. We really don’t know how Gallifreyan genders work, and their men and women alike are mostly brilliant and largely insufferable.

Yesterday, Jodie Whittaker debuted as our current Doctor, and did so pretty much all over the world, at pretty much the same time. Now that’s the way to launch a series. OK, I’m a fanboy and I’ve been watching the show since it first crossed the Atlantic. I haven’t seen an actor turn in a less-than-great performance in the lead role, even in spite of some less-than-great stories. More to the point, I haven’t seen a transitional episode where one Doctor regenerates into another that was less than entertaining by the standards of its time. In these two considerations, Whittaker fits in perfectly.

Continue reading “Brainiac On Banjo #015: Doctor Who – Without A Punny Headline!”

It’s official Marshmallows!!

It’s official Marshmallows!!

Source: kristen bell on Instagram: “Attention all Marshmallows: BREAKING NEWS!!!!! We are OFFICIALLY back in business!!! A new #veronicamars series is coming back, on @hulu…”

The Miniaturist Part 2 (episodes 3 & 4 US) Hot Take Recap

The Miniaturist Part 2 (episodes 3 & 4 US) Hot Take Recap

I did not know sugar could molder.

That seemed like a waste of a perfectly good millstone…

Now I want to see what The Miniaturist sent the Meermans

How are they going to explain the baby, even with Otto returned?

Wait, so was there magic or not?


Why did Emily Berrington do that weird dutch accent when everyone else used British ones?

You S1E2 Last Nice Guy In New York Hot Take Recap

You S1E2 Last Nice Guy In New York Hot Take Recap

Joe is obviously a psychopath right? He’s basically post-grad Dan Humphries (because being Gossip Girl is pretty stalker craycray when you step back and look at it gross)

Looks like he might have an interesting backstory tho.

Oh Benji, you are so wrong. He is so a killer and you just don’t know you’re dead yet.

Rich people, amirite?

Except in Frankenstein you truly sympathize with the monster, this show notsomuch.

Oh Peach, you just put yourself in the crosshairs…

Who keeps the phone?? And leaves it on with the battery in it? This is obviously not Joe’s first rodeo, he’d know better.

Pretty sure I don’t like a single person on this show, Greg Bertilani you’ve let me down for once…

American Horror Story: Apocalypse Ep1 The End Hot Take Recap

American Horror Story: Apocalypse Ep1 The End Hot Take Recap

Global nuclear annihilation. That was a little too real life scenario for comfort.

Genetic screening. A caste system. No unauthorized copulation. Did the world end or did Cult win?

It’s nice to see Sarah Paulsen play the heavy. But when do we get Cordelia Goode?

Kathy Bates can sure rock black lipstick.

“The Cooperative” sounds more menacing every time someone says it.

They totally made that dude into stew, right?

No idea what’s going on but the visuals are delicious as always.



Greenleaf S3E4 The Underdog Recap

Greenleaf S3E4 The Underdog Recap

Ms Patti LaBelle ladies and gentlemen! Wait, that’s all the Patti LaBelle we get??

Grace & Darius making it church folk official. But she’s still not hearing him when he says he won’t be going to church, this is going to be a thing…

Zora is taking up the bitchiness to 11. She’s lashing out in an attempt to feel some sense of power but it’s brutal to watch.

Looks like we are headed to another showdown between Lady Mae and Grace!

Given what went down between Zora and Sophia, this new living arrangement does not bode well.

And oh Charity, day drinking with Nathan in tow? Not a good look. And neither are the bracelets those officers have for you.


The National Domestic Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) is available 24/7/365.

Greenleaf S3E2: The Space Between Recap

Greenleaf S3E2: The Space Between Recap

The Greenleafs have all that help: cook, maids, security but Charity still doesn’t have a nanny??

Uh oh Jabari isn’t looking like such a prince…

Now that she’s got all the facts, Grace is DONE taking her mother’s condescension

Zora just might be transitioning from “wild child” to “bad seed”

Greenleaf S3E1 Chain of Command Recap

Greenleaf S3E1 Chain of Command Recap

Everyone in Memphis seemingly decided to wear gray the weekend following the cotillion