Pop Culture SquadCasts

Pop Culture Squad is committed bringing writers, artists, celebrities, and all kinds of folks with interesting things to say to our Squad Members. Over the years we have developed a couple of formats for that.

Pop Culture SquadCast: Interview Edition

This is a traditional audio only podcast that you can find on whatever audio podcast platform that you use. We try to talk to creators about their careers what they are working on currently. You will always find us discussing that ins and outs of the subject’s craft as well as some nerdy nostalgic content. For information on those episodes, check out the Pop Culture SquadCast: Interview Edition page.

Pop Culture SquadCast – Live

The Pop Culture SquadCast – Live show is where we come right into your living rooms through the interwebs. Our hosts will talk about the current news in pop culture and the world. Special guests are the highlight of the show, and we will continue to bring our Squad Members an interesting lineup of comics and pop culture folk to interact with live on our SquadCast. We typically broadcast live for a couple of hours on Tuesday nights at 8PM Eastern / 5PM Pacific. You can find us on our YouTube channel as well as our Facebook page and our Twitch Channel. Make sure to subscribe or like whichever of those you prefer.

You can check out past episodes on the Pop Culture SquadCast- Live Archive Page.