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Greenleaf S3E4 The Underdog Recap

Greenleaf S3E4 The Underdog Recap

Ms Patti LaBelle ladies and gentlemen! Wait, that’s all the Patti LaBelle we get??

Grace & Darius making it church folk official. But she’s still not hearing him when he says he won’t be going to church, this is going to be a thing…

Zora is taking up the bitchiness to 11. She’s lashing out in an attempt to feel some sense of power but it’s brutal to watch.

Looks like we are headed to another showdown between Lady Mae and Grace!

Given what went down between Zora and Sophia, this new living arrangement does not bode well.

And oh Charity, day drinking with Nathan in tow? Not a good look. And neither are the bracelets those officers have for you.


The National Domestic Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) is available 24/7/365.

Greenleaf S3E2: The Space Between Recap

Greenleaf S3E2: The Space Between Recap

The Greenleafs have all that help: cook, maids, security but Charity still doesn’t have a nanny??

Uh oh Jabari isn’t looking like such a prince…

Now that she’s got all the facts, Grace is DONE taking her mother’s condescension

Zora just might be transitioning from “wild child” to “bad seed”