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Breaking: Top Cow Teams with Humble Bundle to Aid California Wildfire Victims

Breaking: Top Cow Teams with Humble Bundle to Aid California Wildfire Victims

Top Cow has just announced a new program that allows people to get access to digital comics and donate to humanitarian causes at the same time.  When you purchase a Humble Bundle of new and classic Top Cow titles, you can designate funds to go to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization is that is helping California residents affected by the deadly wildfires in meaningful ways.

These comics can be downloaded in multiple formats to be viewed on multiple platforms. Donations range from $1 to $15, and you can get access to up to $760 worth of comics. There is a sliding scale that gives you more comic goodness for the more you donate.

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WIth Further Ado #008: Kickstarting A Killer

WIth Further Ado #008: Kickstarting A Killer

(Bill Cunningham’s quest to restore the Lost Charles Bronson Film, except that it doesn’t have Charles Bronson in it and it’s not a film.)

I love old movies. When channel surfing, I especially love it when I stumble across an actor I like in a movie I don’t know anything about. In our over-informationalized world, that’s when the magic happens. “What is this movie?” I might ask.  “When did this actor make it?” “Is it treasure or trash?”

This happened to me just the other day when I spotted Leonard Nimoy in BAFFLED! At first I thought it was an old episode of MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE, but soon I realized it was something weird and wonderful. Well…weird and maybe not so wonderful. If you haven’t seen it, I implore you NOT to seek it out. It goes into that: I”ll never get that 90 minutes back” category. 

On the other hand, having just been so snarky, I do wonder if the further adventures of the protagonist, an occult detective, and his beautiful sidekick, could make an interesting comic…

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Kickstarter You Should Be Backing: The Adventures of Parker Reef-TO SAVE A SOUL by Christopher Campana

Hey folks! Here is another Kickstarter that we are excited about!!


Comic book writer and artist Chris Campana is running this campaign to self-publish a graphic novel called “The Adventures of Parker Reef – To Save a Soul”. The story is meant to be a tool for getting through loss. The preview art looks amazing and the story sounds breathtaking and heartfelt. The funds raised are intended to print the book and fund a foundation for children.

I want this book to be the kind of thing therapists have in their offices. The kind of book, people who have suffered tragedies, can look to for some kind of comfort. – Chris Campana

There are only 10 days left to support this amazing project. So get out there and do that thing!!

Kickstarter You Should Be Backing: Comics Comics #1 by Patton Oswalt & pals!

I mean, Patton Oswalt is helping to make this. Seriously, what are you waiting for, you leptons!? A flying spaghetti monster to invite you to Black Angus for a mixed green, buddy?!

Seriously though, this looks like a hip (but not too hip) anthology that should totally not be only half-funded with 5 days to go. So, Pop Culture Squad (that’s you guys)… go do that voodoo that you do so well*!



*In this case voodoo is a combination of you backing this cool project, and sharing it out to your respective social media accounts so that we might see gentle Patton and his amazing friends succeed in the independent endeavor.

Still Time to Back ‘The Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini’!

Still Time to Back ‘The Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini’!

Hey kids! Do you like comics? How about when they turn into immersive theater? What do you mean you don’t know what that is… Poppycock, I say!

For real though, check out this killer Kickstarter from Cynthia von Buhler. She’s already funded, but you can score some slick rewards as she turns her hit graphic novel into a play. Want to be turned into a pulp character? How about tickets to a gala? Or to see the show itself? It’s all there, kiddos. So, put on your best flapper, and check it out: