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With Further Ado #228: 2022 Annual Gift Giving Guide – Part 2

With Further Ado #228: 2022 Annual Gift Giving Guide – Part 2

Like an overstuffed Christmas stocking, there are so many great gifting options that we’re spilling into Part 2 this week! Here’s some more wonderful and wonderous ideas for you all:

Being Bond: A Daniel Craig Retrospective
by Mark Salisbury

I often tell a family story from 1973. My mom wanted to take my brother and me to see the animated movie version of one of her favorite books Charlotte’s Web. My dad was less than excited about this family outing. He incredulously asked my mom, “You want to take these kids to see a movie about a pig?!?”

Instead, he whisked the whole family to the Auburn Palace Theater to see Live and Let Die, which was the latest James Bond thriller. It was my first encounter with James Bond. My head exploded. I think my brother Colin’s head exploded too.

This movie opened with M and Moneypenny visiting 007’s apartment (flat?), They haven’t been able to reach Bond and an Italian Special Agent is missing.

They knock on the door, and the camera cuts to James Bond being awakened and checking his digital wristwatch. This was months before digital watches were commercially available, and it was so cool to me.

And unbeknownst to his boss, James Bond also had that Italian special agent in his bedroom. She was beautiful and naked. Even as 10-year-old, I thought, “Gee, I’d like to have a beautiful naked Italian secret agent in my apartment someday.”

The point is that half of the fun of a James Bond movie is imagining what it would be like to be James Bond. Daniel Craig is one of the few men who actually got to be James Bond, and this book, Being Bond by Mark Salisbury, is a celebration of Craig’s turn as the iconic character.

This coffee table book has stories, gossip, bios and synopses and ephemera. It is packed with so many gorgeous photographs that it’s almost easy to overlook the movies’ storyboards. I find them fascinating. It’s another way to enjoy the story in the making, as we, as fans, toggle between the storyboards and the films.

I also really enjoyed the bits where author Salisbury pulls back the curtain to reveal how each of the Craig 007 movies got made. It was surprising, to me, how many breadcrumbs and lost bits of one film end up getting baked into the next movie. Continue reading “With Further Ado #228: 2022 Annual Gift Giving Guide – Part 2”

Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mind  #084: WHO Are You?? Who Are YOU!

Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mind #084: WHO Are You?? Who Are YOU!

“Doctor, there’s nothing wrong with me / Doctor doctor, can’t you see / Doctor, I ain’t going to die / Just write me an alibi” — Doctor Alibi, written by Lemmy and Slash, 2010

In case you’ve made the reasonable decision to disconnect the Wi-Fi connection to your sensory deprivation tank, you might be unaware that the acting President of the United States (named so because he’s really just acting) kneecapped the World Health Organization because… well, because he’s a raving idiot, a pestilence worse than coronavirus, and he is constantly in need of something or someone to blame for his many, many failings.

The WHO is not the creation of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama; in fact, Clinton was only about six months old when it was founded and Obama was more than 14 years shy of leaving the womb. However, it is part of the United Nations. WHO is, according to Wikipedia shorthand, a “specialized agency responsible for international public health.” They have no WHO-police, no WHO-armies, and no power of law. They do have a lot of doctors, scientists and learned individuals who try to figure out how to make Earth more habitable, at least with respect to advances in healthcare. Continue reading “Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mind #084: WHO Are You?? Who Are YOU!”