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New Number Ones: New Comics Series and Specials Coming the Week of 3/20/24

New Number Ones: New Comics Series and Specials Coming the Week of 3/20/24

Welcome to the New Number Ones!

Each week we bring you the list of new series and special editions coming this week. We are highlighting what you need to put in your cart at the comic shop or digital marketplace.

We have an alphabetical list with cover art and the official solicitation text from the publishers of some of the cool new comics that are coming out this week. Check below for our PCS NOTES to find out what we just have to tell you about the new comics in question.

While there is not a huge amount of new series this week, there are some very interesting ones on this list. We have books on this week’s list from: DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, Humanoids, Inc., and Boom! Studios.

We will bring you reviews of these debut issues as they come out, and don’t forget to use the comments section to let us know what you think of this list.

New Series
New One-Shots and Special Editions

New Series This Week 

Dawnrunner #1
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Ram V
Art by Evan Cagle & Dave Stewart
Letters by Aditiya Bidikar
Cover Art by Cagle

A century ago a portal opened over Central America and the Tetza that came through changed our world. Now the world bends all its effort to making the Iron Kings-great mechs that must battle the Tetza for humanity’s continued survival in gladiatorial combat. Anita Marr is the greatest of the pilots and is chosen to pilot a new prototype that could change the tide in humanity’s favor. An all-ages sci-fi epic from rising stars Ram V and Evan Cagle.

Release Date: March 20, 2024

PCS NOTES: This solicitation, cover, and title have me excited.

Dune: House Corrino #1
Boom! Studios
Written by Kevin J. Anderson & Brian Herbert
Art by Simone Ragozzone & Dan Jackson
Letters by Ed Dukeshire
Cover Art by Raymond Swanland

House Corrino, once the deadliest House in the known universe as the Imperial family, set up the final pieces leading into the events of Dune and the fall of House Atreides.

While conflicts escalate between the Fremen and House Harkonnen on Arrakis, the Bene Gesserit keep a close eye on Jessica’s pregnancy, and House Atreides takes part in the plan to seal Ix’s fate…

Release Date: March 20, 2024 Continue reading “New Number Ones: New Comics Series and Specials Coming the Week of 3/20/24”