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Kickstarters You Should Be Backing – October 2022 Edition – Part 2

Kickstarters You Should Be Backing – October 2022 Edition – Part 2

You have found Part 2 of our supersized list of campaigns available to support on Kickstarter for October. (Part 1 is here) This part of the list end in November but you need to check them out now find the ones that you want to back.

Kickstarter is a platform available at Kickstarter.com where creative individuals have the ability to design and run a crowdfunding campaign. The concept is that individuals pledge to support the project, and if the project reaches the planned goal of pledge money in the time that campaign is running, then the project will get made. There are usually many various tiers of backer pledges, and different pledge levels come with different backer reward items. It is a fantastic way for creators to fund the projects that they love and want to create while getting new interesting things into the world.

The campaigns we highlighted for this month are in various states of funding. Some are fully funded and into the state of trying to hit stretch goals that come with even more cool stuff for backers and some are still in need of backers to hit their goal and get their project made.

Some of these projects are being run by well established entities and others are entries by much smaller and newer creators. All the campaigns have been chosen because we want them to succeed, and because we see something special in the product.

The projects are listed below in chronological order of the end of the campaign. So, the ones that end soonest come first. Make sure you click on the Campaign Links for each campaign to get all the detailed info about the rewards and creators. We feel there is something for everyone on this list. Enjoy!

Sharp Wit & the Company of Women
A comic anthology about strong women with weapons across a wide spectrum of genres, created by and for LGBTQIA+ creators and audiences.

Campaign Link: http://kck.st/3DVj9hh

Ending: Thu, October 27 2022 12:00 PM EDT

PCS Thoughts: If you like supporting independent creators who are creating stories that matter to them, then you must back this anthology. It promises to be both gorgeous and fascinating. That Tula Lotay cover is worth becoming a support all on its own. Just imagine how much more there will be. Check the campaign page for the amazing array of creators who are contributing to this book. 

From the Campaign: 

Across millennia, society has preserved tradition through the use of storytelling. Our perception of the world, and each other, is held together by the glue of apocryphal heroes, villains, and larger than life figures that stand somewhere in-between.

Many tales that endure to this day begin and end at the point of a blade.

There’s something about a hand-wielded weapon that invigorates the imagination. From the depths of antiquity, female heroes captivated the minds of those reading and listening. Women were leaders and keepers of wisdom. In many cultures, they were warriors of strength, will and acumen. In a time where the rights and autonomy of all women are threatened, this legacy must be reclaimed.

  • It is time for women to be represented for the heroes & champions they are.
  • It is time to dispel notions that any gender is lesser than another.
  • It is time for more stories.

SHARP WIT & THE COMPANY OF WOMEN (SWATCOW) is a 150+ page comic anthology comprised of 19 stories ranging in page size from 4 to 6 pages. SWATCOW will focus on stories about women contextualized through whatever lens teams felt met the standards of strength, power and agency. As the second volume of works from Extra Pages Press, these stories will be fully conceived and created by teams comprised entirely of LGBTQIA+ identifying writers and artists.

We hope you join us once more in this shared endeavor of championing queer voices across a spectrum of intersectionality coming together to tell stories of empowerment.

Trick ‘r Treat 15th Anniversary Omnibus Collection
From the deliciously dark imagination of Trick ‘r Treat creator Michael Dougherty

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