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Brainiac On Banjo #093: “What the Hell Was That?”

Brainiac On Banjo #093: “What the Hell Was That?”

One day I feel so horny / Next night I feel so bleh / Guess well have to take the whoppee! / along with the bleh / Each night I ask the moon up above / Why must I be a septuagenerian in love? ––Tuli Kupferberg, “Septuagenerian in Love,” from The Fugs Final CD, Part 1, 2003.

Well, this is goddamned strange. Not at all what I expected.

It’s not that I’m big on birthday celebrations. I have a hard time remembering such events; it’s an often embarrassing failing. The only reason I remember my own is because I’ve renewed my driver’s license approximately 18 times, thereby making it a habit. Well, I’ve just put my new driver’s license in my wallet – which was kinda fun because I didn’t have to break quarantine to get it — so unless something terminal happens in the next 24 hours, I turn 70 tomorrow. Continue reading “Brainiac On Banjo #093: “What the Hell Was That?””

Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mind  #085: Sinking The Ship Of Fools

Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mind #085: Sinking The Ship Of Fools

I’m the world’s Madonna, donna, donna / I’m needed from Belfast to Bangladesh / So many grievous wrongs / For me to right with tedious songs / But I know you’ll always be there to fall back on – Tony Hendra, Pull The Tremors, from National Lampoon’s Radio Dinner, 1972

It’s been a long time since I’ve been accused of being a bleeding heart liberal. Given that my political views are all over the map with a noticeable preponderance for the ridiculously far left, it’s likely that in my heart-of-hearts I am just too damn aggressive to be any sort of liberal per se.

Therefore, as I look at these idiots marching in front of their sundry state capitol buildings I gleefully acknowledge they have the same right (and/or lack thereof) to protest as I do. Gathering in close order with few if any signs of protection from our current plague actually promotes a sense of calm within my very bosom. To these individuals who are willing to risk horrible death and to pass along that risk to their friends, family and co-workers, I say “Right on! Keep up the great work! Thin your herd to the bone, you soulless nincompoops! Don’t stop!!!”

See? I’m not a bleeding heart liberal. Clearly, I’m in favor of some hearts bleeding, which actually is contrary to commonly-held liberal beliefs. But not everybody’s, of course. When it comes to the hearts of these particular walking malignancies, hey, fine. Bleed away, motherfuckers! To quote Tony Hendra, “We’re with you all the way / Just across the bay.” Continue reading “Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mind #085: Sinking The Ship Of Fools”