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So Long and Thanks for the Fish, Man #018:  The Fallacy of the Gig Economy

So Long and Thanks for the Fish, Man #018: The Fallacy of the Gig Economy

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet, kiddos. It’s been a while, I know… but to be fair: my editor told me to watch and annotate The Handmaid’s Tale, and frankly it caused me to be a moapy-weepy-sad-cis-mess. But, I shook off the cobwebs to see what’s been grinding my gears lately concerning pop-culture.

And frankly? I got nothing.

I thought about writing an entire article about micro-transactions and DLC for video games — and why I find it to be the most despicable trend in the known universe. But frankly, I get it. If they had sold extra characters for WWF Royal Rumble for my Super Nintendo, I’d have smashed my bank into little kosher piggie bits for the chance to add Duke the Dumpster Droese to my roster. And while I’d love to say I’ve never been tempted by the siren song of an extra five moves in Candy Crush… well, I’d have to be as honest as our current Cheeto-In-Chief in my denial. Moving on.

I then gave some thought about what else I’ve been consumed by lately in the Pop Culture Proscenium. I’m really enjoying The Kominsky Method on Netflix… but c’mon. It’s a show where old white dudes cuss, talk about their dicks, and Lisa Edelstein acts drunk. For that I should waste 1000 words? Feh! And when I’m not making my way through that? I’m literally on my 27th run-through of the entirety of Scrubs. And frankly, you don’t want me to write the 10,000 word screed in my heart as to why that show is the single greatest sitcom of the last 30 years. Fight me.  Continue reading “So Long and Thanks for the Fish, Man #018: The Fallacy of the Gig Economy”

Beat JENeration #001: Confessions of A Lazy Pop Culture No-Getter

Beat JENeration #001: Confessions of A Lazy Pop Culture No-Getter

I blame a lot of things on my kids (and rightfully so), but the truth is, it’s not their fault that I became a lazy pop culture no-getter.  It partly came with age and an I’m-getting-into-pajamas-at-7pm attitude, but mostly it was a the dawn of TiVo and then streaming that ruined the last shreds of my street cred. When I found out I could still be entertained without having to do it right NOW, I realized dragging my well-shod feet wasn’t just for things I didn’t want to do. I could actually unite my talent for procrastination and the joy of an ordered list with my passion for entertainment.

Digital hoarding has always been kind of a hobby though. Perhaps it stems from being the right age at the dawn of Napster when I could magically download ALL the music. Oh, the delight of knowing that unlike the books and CDs on my shelves, those tens of thousands of mp3s didn’t need to be packed up in heavy boxes every time I moved. The power! The control! I never ever had to be that girl waiting to capture a song from the radio on a knock-off Memorex cassette again! Now I’m the girl who always has 500+ podcasts in her queue, an Audible library 20 deep of yet-to-be heard titles, and hundreds of shows and movies on her watchlists…just in case. Just in case what? I don’t know. Maybe there will be a day when the gravy train ends. All this entertainment at my fingertips feels like it’s just too good to last.

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