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With Further Ado #294: Robot Monster 3-D Comic

With Further Ado #294: Robot Monster 3-D Comic

One of the most fun things I do is host the Screams & Screens movie series at Auburn Public Theater. We celebrate old movie, with a real emphasis on 50s/60s/70s Science Fiction and Horror movies. You know, the type of thing that makes life worth living.

And don’t worry, we’re about to announce the new season. Keep an eye out on the Auburn Public Theater website!

Robot Monster is one of those movies that we really should include in our line-up. It’s schlocky, cheaply made and totally wonderful. And it was filmed in the Bronson Canyon area, which you’ve seen in dozens of movies and every time the Adam West and the Batmobile roared out of the Batcave.

My old pal Paul Castiglia is part of a new comics project focusing on this forgotten property. Only it’s never really been forgotten.

ROBOT MONSTER COMICS IN 3-D is truly an ‘alpha and omega’ project,” says editor and contributing writer, Paul Castiglia of ARCHIE’S WEIRD MYSTERIES fame. “It features both the first comics fiction scripted by noted teenage comic book historian, Carl Scheckel, and the participation of the film’s last surviving cast member, Gregory Moffett, among other points of fascination for pop culture fans everywhere.”

I’m excited for this one. Here’s their official Press Release: Continue reading “With Further Ado #294: Robot Monster 3-D Comic”