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New Number Ones: One-Shots and Special Editions for February 2023

New Number Ones: One-Shots and Special Editions for February 2023

Welcome to our New Number Ones: One-Shots & Specials for February 2023 column.

In this regular column, we collect the one-shot books, special anthologies, and original graphic novels that are being released this month. You can check out our regular New Number Ones column for the month here.

There is an alphabetical list of these special books below by release date, and don’t forget to check for our PCS NOTES to find out what we just have to tell you about these comics.

A couple of notes for this list. First of all DC Comics is in the midst of an event that is not quite an event. The Lazarus Planet storyline that is re-setting some status quos across the DC Universe is in full swing, but it is being told through a series of one-shots. We noted them here, because it seems pretty important to the cohesive narrative of the DC continuity of the moment.

Also, be aware that this list is very top heavy with the first week, mostly by DC books. The DC books actually hit some stores on January 31st because of their “New on Tuesday” rule. We consider the month to start on the first Wednesday of the month, so they are included in this February list.

One more thing, February is a month with themes and holidays. As such, you will find some anthologies on this page in honor of Black History Month, and there are some Valentine’s Day specials as well.

There are books on the list from: DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Marvel Comics, Archie Comics, Vault Comics, Top Shelf Productions, Little Bee Books, and Oni Press.

Batman: Legends of Gotham #1
DC Comics
Written by Andy Diggle
Art by Karl Mostert & Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Cover Art by Carmine Di Giandomenico


With Batman preoccupied, his deepest, darkest, most dangerous secrets are about to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The guest list is strictly villains only, and the outlaw Red Hood fits the bill–putting him on a collision course with Batman’s deniable black-ops team, the Outsiders! With Lazarus Island spawning wild-card superpowers across the globe, the stakes could not be higher. Jason Todd, Black Lightning, and Katana will have to put aside their differences to save Batman’s legacy–and with it, the world. That’s assuming they don’t kill each other first!

Release Date: January 31, 2023

DC’s Harley Quinn Romances #1
DC Comics
Written by Ivan Cohen, Amanda Diebert, Greg Lockard, Jessica Berbey, Alexis Quasarano, Frank Allen, Zipporah Smith, Raphael Draccon, Carolina Munho`z
Art by Ig Guara, Adriana Melo, John McCrea, Fico Ossio, Will Robson, Max Sarin, Priscilla Petraites, Gulio Macaione
Cover Art by Amanda Conner



DC is proud to present a selection of eight stories of rapscallion romance, prodigious passion, and undulating, unbridled affection. Tension builds as Apollo and Midnighter are captured by an unknown alien species who are determined to learn the secrets of their supersoldier success. Harley Quinn gets caught in a scintillating fantasy.

Release Date: January 31, 2023 Continue reading “New Number Ones: One-Shots and Special Editions for February 2023”

Comic Book Publishers are Celebrating Pride Month

Comic Book Publishers are Celebrating Pride Month

As most people know June is Pride Month. It is a time to celebrate diversity and support all people who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. For the past couple of years, there has been a conscious effort by publishers to spotlight stories related to those who are part of the community. DC and Marvel are at it again, and it is nice to put those words together with a positive connotation.

DC Comics has a special anthology that is out this week called DC Pride #1, and it has an excellent line up of stories celebrating the identity diversity within it’s fictional universe. There are also some other books that are branded with it’s special Pride Logo. Those books are centered around characters who identify as LGBTQIA+.   There are several other initiatives that DC Comics is engaging in this month that include partnerships with LGBTQIA+ organizations such as The Trevor Project, Family Equality, Human Rights Campaign, Athlete Ally, Mermaids, and Inside Out, as well as themed merchandise and inclusive comics in their digital storefronts. They have detailed all their Pride Month activities on their website and have developed a Pride Hub for readers and viewers to more easily navigate the content they are searching for.

Marvel Comics also has a special Pride Month Anthology called Marvel Voices: Pride #1. It is an 84-page comic that will be released on June 22, 2022. It is a collection of stories focusing on characters that are part of the LGBTQIA+ community created by many creators who also identify that way. There are some amazing stories that we are interested in reading in this book. Continue reading “Comic Book Publishers are Celebrating Pride Month”