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With Further Ado #255: Shout Out for Cool Stuff

With Further Ado #255: Shout Out for Cool Stuff

It’s that busy time of year – and so many of my cool friends have cool things going on! Let’s focus on two:

Ken Wheaton and his partners are throwing another Empire Comic Fest in Rochester. It’s hard to believe this is the 5th one. And you know what? They keep getting better and better. And it started out strong from the very first one.

And next weekend’s show, (July 7th & 8th) will spotlight one of my very favorite comic creators: Don McGregor. Don has an incredible gift for writing, a big heart and the most welcoming way of treating fans at shows. Is there a ranking beyond A++? If there is, that’s what Don McGregor should get.

More details here!

My pal Michael Polis works hard on so many projects. I’m not surprised he’s hard at work on both Garbage Pail Kids and Mars Attacks collectibles for San Diego Comic-Con. Here are the deets: Continue reading “With Further Ado #255: Shout Out for Cool Stuff”

The “Mars Attacks” Circle of Life

One fateful day in 1962, during a trip to a local corner drugstore on Chicago’s north side, a colorful box of garish trading cards on the counter suddenly caught my eye. Prominently featured on its red and yellow pop-up teaser top was a menacing bug-eyed alien flanked by the faux blood-dripping logo: “Mars Attacks.”

Intrigued, I plunked down my nickel, eagerly tore open a pack, and was immediately mesmerized by the most amazing trading cards I had ever seen. I’m sure I walked home in a near trance, thoroughly absorbing the colorful imagery on the front of the cards, and stories on the card backs. The Topps trading card company, in a brilliant bit of marketing savvy, put teaser images in a small box on the reverse side of every card highlighting the next card in the sequence, so if kids like me didn’t have that card, they knew exactly what they were missing.”

Resistance was futile for my eight-year-old brain. Like some sort of inescapable pop culture black hole, “Mars Attacks” had pulled me in — hook, line and sinker. I somehow scraped up another nickel or two – probably by scrounging pop bottles from area garbage cans so I could cash in on the bottle deposit money – and bought some more. But with duplicates starting to pop up, and more and more exciting teaser images tantalizing my brain, I needed some big money if I ever wanted to complete the set.  Continue reading “The “Mars Attacks” Circle of Life”