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Spotlight Interview with Comic Writer and Artist Rafer Roberts, Co-Creator of Grumble

Spotlight Interview with Comic Writer and Artist Rafer Roberts, Co-Creator of Grumble

Hi Folks, Welcome to another spotlight interview.

Recently we spoke with comic writer and artist Rafer Roberts who is the co-creator and writer of the comic Grumble which is published by Albatross Funny Books.

Rafer spoke about what has come before and what is on the horizon for Grumble. The collected second volume subtitled, “Raising Hell in the Garden State” is coming to shops and will be available digitally in February. The third arc, called “Memphis and Beyond the Infinite” starts in March. Be sure to check with your LCS about pre ordering.

This book is definitely one of our favorites. The concept is fantastic and the art, dialogue, and creative execution is just wonderful. Mike Norton is the co-creator and artist, Marissa Louise is the colorist, and Crank! is the letterer on Grumble.

You can listen to our conversation below or read the transcript below that, or you can go crazy and do both.


Pop Culture Squad: Let’s talk about the plot of the second arc of Grumble that has just concluded. We spoke at the end of the first arc, and you warned me that this one would take place in different parts of New Jersey. What was your reasoning behind bringing the story to the Pine Barrens?

Rafer Roberts: Well, I grew up in New Jersey. So, that whole second arc is basically a love letter to the state that formed me. I grew up on the shore, which is why the first part starts in Asbury Park on the Jersey Shore. But the state is not that big, and we would drive around and get lost and go into the Pine Barrens.

You hear the urban legends, like the Jersey Devil, and there was an albino asylum down there. I mean it’s somewhat offensive in the stories of roaming bands of albinos in the woods. Continue reading “Spotlight Interview with Comic Writer and Artist Rafer Roberts, Co-Creator of Grumble”

Happy Colorist Appreciation Day – January 24th

Happy Colorist Appreciation Day – January 24th

January 24th is Colorist Appreciation Day!!! A few years ago, the amazingly talented Jordie Bellaire declared this day to be #ColoristAppreciationDay on Twitter, and we want to do our part. Colorists (and Letterers) are often forgotten when appreciating the talent required to produce quality comic books.

They are the skilled artists that add depth and richness to the comic pages that we love. Also, if you are not paying attention, you will miss the part that the colorist is a key contributor in laying down the tone of each page and the best colorists are telling the story with color.

We have taken a sampling of some of the most wonderful colorists working in the business today and listed them below in alphabetical order. We grabbed some examples of their work for you to admire. Feel free to click on it and see a larger image. Also, we linked to anyone with a Twitter page, so just click on the little blue bird and follow them.

NOTE: Since this is a day for colorists, we purposely did not credit line artists or writers. They are always getting credit, and they can just deal with it for one post.

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