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With Further Ado #278: Holiday Gift Guide 2023  – Part 5

With Further Ado #278: Holiday Gift Guide 2023 – Part 5

Way back in the first installment of this year’s Holiday Gift Guide, I talked about another wonderful book from Korero Press. They are quickly becoming one of my favorite publishers as they publish books about outstanding artists that I feel “should know”, but usually don’t.

Most of their featured artists, especially in their unofficial Horror Artists series, didn’t have big careers in the U.S>, so I feel I can be excused for not knowing them. But after cracking up these books, each of these artists fall into that “favorite artist” or “outstanding artist” category.

Terror: The Horror Art of Jayme Cortez focuses on the comic art of this astounding Brazilian artist. He’s a master at dramatic painting and I just love this book for several reasons:

Less Talk, More Action – There’s a forward by Paulo Monteiro, and an engaging introduction (The Life of a Master Illustrator), but after that it’s all illustrations. There’s a depth and a variety to this prolific artist’s work in the comics. Continue reading “With Further Ado #278: Holiday Gift Guide 2023 – Part 5”