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With Further Ado #279: Torn from the Headlines – Trucks and Heat Vision

With Further Ado #279: Torn from the Headlines – Trucks and Heat Vision

Phoebe Wall Howard has another in-depth analysis of the automotive industry in the Detroit Free Press. She is discussing the long-lived dominance of Ford F-Series trucks. They are best-selling trucks for the forty-second year in a row.

She used pop culture as a way to reinforce many of the key accomplishments:

The year 1977, the year “Star Wars” was released, marked the beginning of dominance as the best-selling truck. Ford sold 818,580 F-Series pickups. From then to November 2023, Ford has sold 32,249,288 F-Series trucks, said Erich Merkle, Ford U.S. sales analyst

This accomplished reporter reached out to several pop culture “experts” (like me) and I chimed in with a Batman comparison.

Meanwhile, Edward Catto, a business professor at Ithaca College in New York specializing in pop culture, compared Ford trucks to an iconic DC comic series.
“The Ford F-Series is like a pop culture automotive version of Batman,” he said. “Like the Caped Crusader, these trucks change through the years, but always with a unique ability to both reflect the times and yet still be true to the brand’s own core essence.”

The Detroit Free Press even emphasized my thoughts with Motor City Comic Con photo from last month (credited to Eric Seals).

You can read the entire article here.

Heat Vision on Birds Of Prey

One more quick one for you. In this week’s Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision, Borys Kits published a “Best of Comics Hot List” and included DC’s Birds of Prey.

Birds of Prey, in its various incarnations, was always a favorite comic of mine. Thinking back, I especially enjoyed the issues with Jackson Guice and Phil Noto artwork.

I did not enjoy either of the onscreen adaptions of this property. The TV show was underwhelming (although we did a great Joe Jusko painting out of it). I am sad to admit I walked out of recent theatrical version. And I seldom walk out movies- especially when there’s still popcorn to be eaten!

But I had picked up issue #2 of Birds of Prey this fall, and set it aside until I purchased the first issue. Then I also bought issue #4. I finally just read them on Boxing Day, along with a stack of other neglected comics.

Wow! I was blown away. This series is fun and clever and respectful to the characters so long-time readers (like me) feel right at home. Kelly Thompson’s writing is clever (her Harley Quinn is a riot). Leonardo Thompson’s art is solid and cleverly orchestrated, with a sturdiness evocative of Dave Gibbons or Los Bros Hernandez.

Jordie Bellaire makes it all sing, turning the volume up to 11 with a non-traditional palette and subtle coloring tactics. There are risks being taking and big points being put on the scoreboard every stinking page.

It’s no wonder this series was singled out in The Hollywood Reporter. Can’t wait for the next issue!

Preview Reviews for February 22, 2023: Black Cloak #2, Bulls of Beacon Hill #2, and Local Man #1

Preview Reviews for February 22, 2023: Black Cloak #2, Bulls of Beacon Hill #2, and Local Man #1

Welcome to the latest installment of Preview Reviews.

This week we have a trio of new books to review for you, including one of our most anticipated New Number Ones of the month. We have Black Cloak #2 and Local Man #1 from Image Comics and Bulls of Beacon Hill #2 from AfterShock Comics.

You can find these books at your LCS or wherever you buy books on February 22, 2023. We think they are all excellent.

Also the rest of the #NewNumberOnes for February are here.

Black Cloak #2
Image Comics
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Meredith McClaren
Colors by McClaren
Letters by Becca Carey
Cover by McClaren

Original Solicitation:

Murdered prince. Hungry mermaids. Vengeful queen. Plentiful suspects. Dead assassin. Dying Black Cloak. So far this case is going to the devils. And it’s super great that absolutely everything is on the line. No pressure!

PCS Review: Continue reading “Preview Reviews for February 22, 2023: Black Cloak #2, Bulls of Beacon Hill #2, and Local Man #1”

Jessica Jones Is Back in Comics in New Marvel Digital Line

Jessica Jones Is Back in Comics in New Marvel Digital Line

She’s obviously still going to punch things (and fly…badly)

First of all, Jessica Jones is coming back to her own comic book with a fantastic creative team! Second, Marvel is embedding itself deeper into the mesh of multi-front content distribution.

Marvel has announced a new ongoing comic series that is surprisingly available today from writer Kelly Thompson and artist Mattia de Lulis.  Thompson’s run on Hawkeye with Kate Bishop was one of our favorites of recent years, and her working on Jessica Jones is exciting. According to editor Nick Lowe, “Kelly was actually suggested by Brian Michael Bendis, co-creator of Jessica, when he was wrapping the previous volume because he was impressed by her depiction of Jessica in Hawkeye. ” That seems to be enough for the Jessica fan to get on board.

From the writer’s perspective, Thompson has said, “We’ll be seeing classic Jessica Jones P.I., my favorite kind of Jessica. She’s obviously still going to punch things (and fly…badly) when opportunities present themselves—and they do that quite a bit—but at her core she’s the most exciting to me in her classic noir setting working as an investigator. ”

The interesting twist on this announcement that Marvel teased yesterday is that the series is part of a new platform called Marvel Digital Originals (MDO).  Continue reading “Jessica Jones Is Back in Comics in New Marvel Digital Line”