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Special Live SquadCast: Women in Comics History – Part 3 – Shade: The Changing Girl Reunion

Special Live SquadCast: Women in Comics History – Part 3 – Shade: The Changing Girl Reunion

Part 3: Shade: The Changing Girl Reunion

We held the third of our series of Live Broadcasts celebrating Women’s History Month last night on March 22nd. This week’s broadcast featured most of the creative team for one of the most undercelebrated comic series of the past decade. Shade: The Changing Girl and subsequently Shade: The Changing Woman was part of the initial offering from the DC Comics’ Young Animal imprint that was curated by creative whirlwind Gerard Way.

Shade ran for a total of eighteen issues plus some appearances in the Milk Wars crossover event. The writer/artist team was intact all the way through as well as the colorist, letterer, and main cover artist. The comic is a true evolution of what has come before with the character that was created by Steve Ditko in the seventies and revamped in the eighties by Peter Milligan and Chis Bachalo. It is a story about what it means to be a human.

We were able to bring four of those women together last night and talk to them about their remembrances of their time on the book as well as their careers in comics. The result was a truly joyful celebration of an excellent comic book. The admiration and respect for each other as well as what they produced came through in the interaction that these women had with each other.

Our Guests

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Pop Culture Squad Is Celebrating Women’s History Month

Pop Culture Squad Is Celebrating Women’s History Month

The calendar flipped to March, and here at Pop Culture Squad, that means Women’s History Month. We will be spending the next few weeks celebrating the contributions that women have made to pop culture industries, particularly comic books.

There will be a series of Live SquadCasts with an amazing array of creators and professionals in the comic industry. Tune in as the all women guest panels talk about their history in the business as well as those that came before and who is coming next.

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Happy Colorist Appreciation Day – January 24th

Happy Colorist Appreciation Day – January 24th

January 24th is Colorist Appreciation Day!!! A few years ago, the amazingly talented Jordie Bellaire declared this day to be #ColoristAppreciationDay on Twitter, and we want to do our part. Colorists (and Letterers) are often forgotten when appreciating the talent required to produce quality comic books.

They are the skilled artists that add depth and richness to the comic pages that we love. Also, if you are not paying attention, you will miss the part that the colorist is a key contributor in laying down the tone of each page and the best colorists are telling the story with color.

We have taken a sampling of some of the most wonderful colorists working in the business today and listed them below in alphabetical order. We grabbed some examples of their work for you to admire. Feel free to click on it and see a larger image. Also, we linked to anyone with a Twitter page, so just click on the little blue bird and follow them.

NOTE: Since this is a day for colorists, we purposely did not credit line artists or writers. They are always getting credit, and they can just deal with it for one post.

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