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With Further Ado #288: Tarzan, the Rebooted

With Further Ado #288: Tarzan, the Rebooted

I remember in the early 90s when “upstart” publisher Malibu Comics burst on the scene with their new Tarzan comics. To add a bit of context, their efforts followed the classic runs of Tarzan comic series published by Gold Key Comics, with wonderful Russ Manning and Doug Wildey artwork, DC, with top-of-his game Joe Kubert art, and Marvel Comics, showcasing John Buscema as he was obviously loving every minute of it.

This new Malibu comic cover had a different Tarzan (albeit throwback) logo and a shocking image of the central characters with jarring colors. The front cover was by Marc Hempel and the alternate cover – flip covers were the norm back then – was painted by Simon Bisley. The cover copy taunted readers: “You’ve never seen Tarzan like this before!”

And they were right!

Writer Mark Wheatley, penciler Neil Volkes, and interior inker Hempel showcased a different approach to Tarzan. I don’t know if we were all using the word “reboot” back then, but this clearly was a reboot.

Wheatley explained to me that the Tarzan fans, at the time, were furious with him. But over time, his innovative run has now become revered and embraced.

How difficult is it to reboot a classic character? Is it necessary? Is it ever embraced initially?

Tarzan the Untamed

I just read the seventh of book in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ original Tarzan series: Tarzan, the Untamed. My wife, Kathe, and I were in a wonderful comic shop in Saratoga Springs, Cosmic Capes Comics, not long ago. The cover to this hardcover caught my eye. How could it not? The insanely talented Joe Jusko is providing new covers to all the ERB books. He’s knocking it outta the park! Each cover is clever, creative and compelling. Continue reading “With Further Ado #288: Tarzan, the Rebooted”

With Further Ado #279: Torn from the Headlines – Trucks and Heat Vision

With Further Ado #279: Torn from the Headlines – Trucks and Heat Vision

Phoebe Wall Howard has another in-depth analysis of the automotive industry in the Detroit Free Press. She is discussing the long-lived dominance of Ford F-Series trucks. They are best-selling trucks for the forty-second year in a row.

She used pop culture as a way to reinforce many of the key accomplishments:

The year 1977, the year “Star Wars” was released, marked the beginning of dominance as the best-selling truck. Ford sold 818,580 F-Series pickups. From then to November 2023, Ford has sold 32,249,288 F-Series trucks, said Erich Merkle, Ford U.S. sales analyst

This accomplished reporter reached out to several pop culture “experts” (like me) and I chimed in with a Batman comparison.

Meanwhile, Edward Catto, a business professor at Ithaca College in New York specializing in pop culture, compared Ford trucks to an iconic DC comic series.
“The Ford F-Series is like a pop culture automotive version of Batman,” he said. “Like the Caped Crusader, these trucks change through the years, but always with a unique ability to both reflect the times and yet still be true to the brand’s own core essence.”

The Detroit Free Press even emphasized my thoughts with Motor City Comic Con photo from last month (credited to Eric Seals).

You can read the entire article here.

Heat Vision on Birds Of Prey

One more quick one for you. In this week’s Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision, Borys Kits published a “Best of Comics Hot List” and included DC’s Birds of Prey.

Birds of Prey, in its various incarnations, was always a favorite comic of mine. Thinking back, I especially enjoyed the issues with Jackson Guice and Phil Noto artwork.

I did not enjoy either of the onscreen adaptions of this property. The TV show was underwhelming (although we did a great Joe Jusko painting out of it). I am sad to admit I walked out of recent theatrical version. And I seldom walk out movies- especially when there’s still popcorn to be eaten!

But I had picked up issue #2 of Birds of Prey this fall, and set it aside until I purchased the first issue. Then I also bought issue #4. I finally just read them on Boxing Day, along with a stack of other neglected comics.

Wow! I was blown away. This series is fun and clever and respectful to the characters so long-time readers (like me) feel right at home. Kelly Thompson’s writing is clever (her Harley Quinn is a riot). Leonardo Thompson’s art is solid and cleverly orchestrated, with a sturdiness evocative of Dave Gibbons or Los Bros Hernandez.

Jordie Bellaire makes it all sing, turning the volume up to 11 with a non-traditional palette and subtle coloring tactics. There are risks being taking and big points being put on the scoreboard every stinking page.

It’s no wonder this series was singled out in The Hollywood Reporter. Can’t wait for the next issue!

Syra Con Celebrates Two Legendary Guys Named Joe

Syra Con Celebrates Two Legendary Guys Named Joe

Legendary comics artists Joe Sinnott and Joe Jusko will “team-up”, in classic Marvel Comics style, for an intimate conversation at Syracuse’s Syra Con, the long-running pop culture convention.

Joe Sinnott is best known for his contributions as an inker during Marvel’s Silver and Bronze Ages. He enjoyed impressive runs on titles such as Fantastic Four, West Coast Avengers and The Mighty Thor. Sinnott’s long career and strong pencil art talents stretch far beyond those iconic titles.

Joe Jusko started his career as a cover artist on Marvel titles like Savage Sword of Conan. Jusko’s ability to channel the power and excitement of traditional comic art in an authentic painted format has earned him a reputation as a top painter and creator. Jusko is currently developing new covers for every Edgar Rice Burroughs book (including the Tarzan and John Carter of Mars series), a feat never before attempted by any artist.


Ed Catto, founder of Agendae and lecturer at Ithaca College’s School of Business, will moderate the panel.  Catto has recently been a featured speaker at other Central New York events including Syracuse University’s CONfluence and Binghamton’s SerlingFest, which celebrated the legacy of Rod Serling and especially the Twilight Zone.

The Syra Con is a long-running comic convention that celebrates pop culture and has always maintained a strong focus on comics.  The event, the longest-running con in Syracuse, is a favorite among comic enthusiasts, horror fans and passionate collectors.

The Syra Con Fall Edition Comic and Pop Culture Expo will be held at the Holiday Inn, 441 Electronics Parkway, Liverpool from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sunday, October 13th.  The panel discussion will begin at 2:30 pm.

More information on Syra Con can be found here.