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CHEF’S KISS AGAIN: Eisner & GLAAD Award-Nominated Graphic Novel Sensation to Return

The Sequel Chef’s Kiss to Return in Brand-New Sequel by Jarrett Melendez & Irene Flores from Oni Press in 2025 

Press Release:

PORTLAND, OR (October 16, 2023) – As revealed this weekend at New York Comic Con, Oni Press—the multiple Eisner, Harvey, and Ringo Award-winning publisher of comics and graphic novels for all ages—is proud to announce CHEF’S KISS AGAIN, the much-anticipated sequel to the 2023 ALA Alex Award-winning original graphic novel by co-creators Jarrett Melendez & Danica Brine!

Teaming Melendez with incoming illustrator Irene Flores (R.L. Stine’s Just Beyond: Monstrosity, Heavy Vinyl), CHEF’S KISS AGAIN is scheduled for publication in 2025 and will pick up precisely where the first volume left off—with the romance between culinary wunderkind Ben Cook and his sous-chef-turned-new-flame, Liam, on the front burner and even more high-pressure adventures in fine dining awaiting with each evening seating! But when a culinary rival decides to kidnap their restaurant’s secret weapon—the taste-testing pig named Watson—the heat is going to rise…inside and outside the kitchen!

“I never could have predicted the overwhelmingly positive response to Chef’s Kiss,” said writer and co-creator Jarrett Melendez. “We set out to make something that our teen and 20-something selves would have been obsessed with, and I’m so happy it’s landed and resonated with people that are that age now. I can’t wait to share what’s next for Ben, Liam, Watson, and the rest of our beautiful, dorky cast!”

“Working with Jarrett and Danica on Chef’s Kiss has been a dream, and it’s been amazing to see the huge response for it over the past year,” said Oni Press Editor Grace Scheipeter. “With Irene Flores joining the team and lots of ideas cooking up, I can’t wait for everyone to get a taste of CHEF’S KISS AGAIN.”’

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Creators are Caring for Comic Shops

With the mass chaos and uncertainty that the physical comic book industry is in as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis, comic book writers and artists are finding unique ways to try to help comic shops. As we have detailed earlier, comic professionals are also affected by this pandemic in real financial terms. As their income streams dry up and “pencils down” orders are given, the community searches for ways to survive.

We are confident that the medium of sequential art will not go away, but it may emerge from this crisis altered. Will it be for the better? It is impossible to tell. In the meantime, the community is trying to support each other.

Today, we want to highlight some of the innovative efforts to support both creative talent and comic shops.

Love and Capes Returns

We told you in an interview earlier that cartoonist Thom Zahler has been working on the new Love and Capes: The Family Way series, and selling small print run single-issues at conventions. IDW will be collecting and printing a Trade Paperback this summer, but with all conventions on hold, Thom came up with an inventive way to get the story and get new inventory into the hands of comic shops that are still open in whatever form.

He is offering a way for comic shops to order the individual issues directly from him, and is, even, offering a way for the issue covers to be customized. Comic Shops can get all the details and links to the order forms on Zahler’s website. Orders are being taken until Friday 4/17 at Noon!!

Fans can reach out to their Local Comic Shops and encourage them to order the new content.


An event is going over in the Twitterverse. Over a hundred comic creatives are auctioning off artwork, books, and experiences through the #Creators4Comics. The auctions will end on Monday 4/20. The funds raised will be donated to The Book Industry Charitable Foundation, an organization that supports independent booksellers, including comic shops. Continue reading “Creators are Caring for Comic Shops”