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Kickstarters You Should Be Backing – February 2023 Edition

Kickstarters You Should Be Backing – February 2023 Edition

With the holiday shopping season in the rear view mirror, it seems that everyone has come out with a project that they are looking to get crowdfunded. We waded through the list of 255 live campaigns in the Comics category to find the ones that we need to boost. There are definitely a few campaigns on this list that you will want to check out.

Kickstarter is a platform available at Kickstarter.com where creative individuals have the ability to design and run a crowdfunding campaign. The concept is that individuals pledge to support the project, and if the project reaches the planned goal of pledge money in the time that campaign is running, then the project will get made. There are usually many various tiers of backer pledges, and different pledge levels come with different backer reward items. It is a fantastic way for creators to fund the projects that they love and want to create while getting new interesting things into the world.

The campaigns we highlighted for this month are in various states of funding. Some are fully funded and into the state of trying to hit stretch goals that come with even more cool stuff for backers and some are still in need of backers to hit their goal and get their project made.

Some of these projects are being run by well established entities and others are entries by much smaller and newer creators. All the campaigns have been chosen because we want them to succeed, and because we see something special in the product. Here are the fourteen that we think you should check out!!!

The projects are listed below in chronological order of the end of the campaign. So, the ones that end soonest come first. Make sure you click on the Campaign Links for each campaign to get all the detailed info about the rewards and creators. We feel there is something for everyone on this list. Enjoy!


The Switch: Electricia
The remastered “ELECTRIFYING EDITION” of the Switch Graphic novel- in softcover for the first time!


Ending: Tue, February 14 2023 12:00 PM EST.

PCS Thoughts: We are exited to see this creator owned property in a remastered collection and are equally excited for the next volume. Continue reading “Kickstarters You Should Be Backing – February 2023 Edition”