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With Further Ado #291: From Convention to Comic Shop

With Further Ado #291: From Convention to Comic Shop

Conventions can be the perfect place for discovery. Here are three comics that I wouldn’t have stumbled across if not for first learning about them at conventions:

The Displaced
By Ed Brisson and Luca Casalanguida
Published by BOOM! Studios

After the recent ComicsPRO industry meeting, all the attendees traveled to various comic shops in the Pittsburgh area. The first stop was Pittsburgh Comics, owned and operated by Colin McMahon. Wow – what a fantastic store-it’s laid out well, upbeat and fun. Plus, it’s stuffed with so many treasures!

During this visit, Ed Brisson was on site signing and selling copies of his new comic, The Displaced. Brisson is an innovative writer and an industrious entrepreneur. I’ve been a big fan of his ever since I read his time traveling Comeback comic series. He always seems just as happy selling his books as he is creating them. I bought two issues of The Displaced #1 from him. Upon reflection, I wish I had bought his variant issue. He explained that sales from that comic fuels his signing tours.

The Displaced is a moody thriller with a disastrous event and then a creepy cover-up. It almost seems like it could be a modern-day version of one of the best The Twilight Zone episodes that never existed.

I had enjoyed Luca Casalanguida’s art on Scout’s Honor from AfterShock Comics a few years ago, and he’s only gotten better. (That one was written by David Pepose, and I’m eager for his new take on Space Ghost for Dynamite). Continue reading “With Further Ado #291: From Convention to Comic Shop”

With Further Ado #287: ComicsPRO – A Comic Convention with the Fans

With Further Ado #287: ComicsPRO – A Comic Convention with the Fans

I just spent several days with a couple hundred entrepreneurial retailers and industry professionals fighting the good fight in the comics biz. This was at ComicsPRO, the industry trade association’s annual tradeshow/convention designed to help retailers develop best practices, better understand the year’s new releases, and generally recharge everyone’s batteries for an engaging year.

Maybe you haven’t heard of ComicsPRO? There’s no shame in that. It is not really a consumer- facing organization. Here’s some background from their site:


ComicsPRO is a trade association for comic book retailers. We are a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to improving the comic book specialty market. The power and strength of ComicsPRO comes from its members.

The goals of ComicsPRO spell CAPE:

COMMUNICATE: (Forums, Feeds, ComicsPROgress.com, Digital Newsletters)
ADVOCATE: (Lobby Industry Partners)
PROMOTE: (Industry Days, Industry Awards)
EDUCATE: (Annual Meeting, Online Education, Seminars at Conventions) Continue reading “With Further Ado #287: ComicsPRO – A Comic Convention with the Fans”

What the Heck Happened? Comics News for the Week of 2/18/24 – 2/24/24

What the Heck Happened? Comics News for the Week of 2/18/24 – 2/24/24

This is one of my favorite column’s to present to you squad members. This was a busy week of comics related news. There were some series announcements and cover reveals along with some major publisher news, and we want to share it all with you.

We get a ton of announcements from publishers and other sources, and we are going to through the old inbox and let you know what’s out there and coming soon.

ComicsPro Comic Industry Conference

Right now, this weekend, from February 23 -25, The ComicsPro Comic Industry Conference is taking place in Pittsburgh, PA. There will be plenty of news that comes out of this meeting of comic retailer, wholesalers, distributors, and publishers.

PCS’s own Ed Catto is onsite at the show and is sure to fill us in on all the scoops which we will cover soon. The first big piece of news is that DC Comics is returning to Wednesday for its day of new releases. DC had changed from Wednesday to Tuesday when they split from Diamond Distribution back in 2020, and it appears they will return to make Wednesdays #NCBD for all.

New X-Men Action Figures

Continue reading “What the Heck Happened? Comics News for the Week of 2/18/24 – 2/24/24”