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New Number Ones: New Comics Series and Specials Coming for the Week of 2/28/2024

New Number Ones: New Comics Series and Specials Coming for the Week of 2/28/2024

Welcome to the New Number Ones!

Each week we bring you the list of new series and special editions coming this week. We are highlighting what you need to put in your cart at the comic shop or digital marketplace.

We have an alphabetical list with cover art and the official solicitation text from the publishers of some of the cool new comics that are coming out this week. Check below for our PCS NOTES to find out what we just have to tell you about the new comics in question.

Again this week is light on New Number Ones, but what is here looks fun. One of the things that we have been noticing is that some of the non-Big2 books have been generating longer runs and we are definitely happy to see that. We have books on this week’s list from: Marvel Comics, Dark Horse, Titan Books, Band of Bards, and Fantagraphics Books.

We will bring you reviews of these debut issues as they come out, and don’t forget to use the comments section to let us know what you think of this list.

New Series
New One-Shots and Special Editions

New Series This Week 

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora #1
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Ray Fawkes
Art by Gabriel Guzman & Michael Atiyeh
Letters by Michael Heisler
Cover Art by Aniekan Udofia

A six-issue miniseries based on all-new Ubisoft’s AAA PC/console video game Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora! Meet So’lek, a Na’vi warrior who must go on a transformative journey across Pandora. While the battle of the Hallelujah Mountains is over, the trauma of war is never-ending. So’lek finds himself alone, stricken with grief and desperation. Only through Eywa can he find a path to heal-and though danger, doubt, and pain await him, it’s time for him to answer the call. This story introduces readers to new characters and clans, and is the origin story of one of the key characters in Ubisoft’s forthcoming game!

Release Date: February 28, 2024

PCS NOTES: This is a great creative team for fans of this franchise to generate this series.

The Savage Sword of Conan #1
Titan Comics
Written by John Arcudi, Patrick Zircher, & Jim Zub
Art by Max Von Fafner, Zircher
Cover Art by Joe Jusko

THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN IS BACK from Heroic Signatures and Titan Comics!

Featuring a new CONAN epic from John Arcudi and Max Von Fafner, the rousing return of SOLOMON KANE written and drawn by Patch Zircher, an electric prose story from Jim Zub, spectacular art pin-ups, and more, the SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN Issue #1 heralds a new era of adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Release Date: February 28, 2024

PCS NOTES: This title has a lot of history and we are glad to see Titan Books bring it back with this terrific cast of creators on the first issue. Continue reading “New Number Ones: New Comics Series and Specials Coming for the Week of 2/28/2024”