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Special Squadcast Interview with Michele Abounader

Special Squadcast Interview with Michele Abounader

Well. our latest SquadCast episode is available on YouTube now. It features an interview with comic editor and writer Michele Abounader about her latest project: When I Was Young… (An LGBTQIA+ Charity Comic Anthology).

Michele has been the editor on several comic anthologies including: The Color of Always and Sharp Wit and the Company of Women. Both projects were crowdfunded and subsequently printed for mass distribution by A Wave Blue World.

The latest project is a collection of superstar creators who are contributing deeply personal stories for this anthology of short stories of inspiration, advice, and triumph. The money raised above paying the creators for their work and printing and shipping costs will be donated to the Trevor Project which is a charity that we support here at PCS.

This interview was recorded before the project was officially funded on Backerkit.com, but it is now fully funded and we encourage everyone to go and check it out.

Please enjoy this interview and the information regarding the project below and support this anthology.

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Spotlight SquadCast Interview with Russell Nohelty and Laurie Foster about Cthulhu Is Hard to Spell

Spotlight SquadCast Interview with Russell Nohelty and Laurie Foster about Cthulhu Is Hard to Spell

Our latest SquadCast interview takes place with a pair of comic creators working to fund their latest project, and it is a great concept.

For several years now, writer and editor Russell Nohelty has been working on the multiple volumes of his anthology series Cthulhu Is Hard to Spell for a few years now, and as the project transitions to the next phase he has partnered with Laurie Foster and Unlikely Heroes Studios to repackage the books in an even more accessible format with added material.

The crowdfunding campaign for this special release is running on Backerkit until March 21st.

We spoke with both Russell and Laurie about the project, H.P. Lovecraft and the challenges that his legacy presents in the current social climate, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff.

Russell is an author with credits such as Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter, The Godsverse Chronicles, and The Obsidian Spindle Saga, as well as being the editor for the Cthulhu is Hard to Spell anthology series. He has also contributed to a bunch of anthologies including:  Cthulhu Invades Oz, Monsters and Other Scary Shit, Parallel Worlds, The Edgar Allan Poe Chronicles to name a few.

Laurie is an editor, inker, publisher, cosplayer, and pretty much everything else that you can think of. She runs Unlikely Heroes Studios and if the day has a Y at the end, she is probably running a crowdfunding campaign somewhere.

This conversation focused on the campaign for the excellent Cthulhu Is Hard to Spell, but it also ventured into the realms of the horror genre in general, representation in publishing, and nerdy favorites.

We hope you enjoy the conversation:

What is Cthulhu is Hard to Spell?

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