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With Further Ado #280: Banning the Book Bans

With Further Ado #280: Banning the Book Bans

I was encouraged to read in AXIOS how Illinois is fighting book bans:

No Book Bans

Illinois became to the first state to pass a law penalizing libraries that ban books last year, as conservative efforts have mounted to restrict access to text often address LGBTQ+ issues.

• Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) signed a bill now in effect that makes public libraries ineligible for state funding if they ban materials because of “partisan or doctrinal” disapproval

Of the more thank 1,400 book ban cases last year, 74% were connected to organized efforts of advocacy groups, elected officials, or enacted legislation, per PEN America.

• The organization recommended that policymakers, school boards and district administrators consider the many reasons for including and celebrating books rather than restricting them.

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