With Further Ado #305: Summer Fun

There’s something about reading comics in the summer. Maybe it’s the sunshine? Maybe it’s carefree feeling – that makes it seem as if we all have endless days to lay around reading.

Here’s another beauty I rescued from the William G. Martin, Sr. collection. This is what summer is all about. It’s Walt Disney’s Donald Duck’s Beach Party #4, a Dell Giant from 1957. In this wonderful comic, Donald Duck and his three nephews go on a two week (!) vacation at a rental property. After a few convoluted adventures, they stumble across a bunch of comics.

Then for the rest of the comic, they read the comics, and we’re along the for the ride, reading comics with them.

It’s quite the assortment. Oh sure, they are all Dell & Disney strips, but not what I would’ve expected. These comics, presumably reprinted from other Dell Comics, include Lil Davy (a sort of Davey Crockett, Jr.), Minnie Mouse, Clarabelle the Cow, and even Mickey’s two nephews: Morty and Ferdie. Those two were a new one on me – I don’t recall ever seeing them before.

A comic to read on the beach about folks reading comics on the beach? I guess we’d call that Meta, today. But in 1957, I think it was simply wonderful.

Sometimes that collector’s mentality works against us. After all, if you read a comic on the beach, isn’t it going to erode its grade and its value long term? Pish Posh! I think that’s a fine tradeoff! That’s why I issued the Summertime Beach Challenge, suggesting fans enjoy their comics on the beach in this old column. I’m about due to get a bunch of comics and find a chunk of beach and have some fun.