With Further Ado #302: Go Ride Your Bike!

For a comic lover like me, summer was the perfect time to dive into a stack of comics. I have vivid memories of reading comics on steamy summer days. I also have memories of my mom telling me to “Get out of the house!” and to “Go outside and play!”

I grew up in the quintessential TV sitcom neighborhood. Every day was a grand adventure for me and my buddies. And it often started with a bike ride. We did have a “need for speed”, as ridiculous as that sounds, but our bikes also gave us a certain amount of freedom. We could – theoretically – go anywhere.

I guess I wasn’t the only kid that felt that strongly about these two topics (comics and bikes) either. I’ve been digging through a bunch of vintage comics (more on this amazing collection gifted to me another time). I’m struck by just how many bike ads used to be in comics!

These 1950s Dell Comics (mostly Dick Tracy and Joe Palooka) are stuffed with beautiful bike ads! I still like biking, but I can’t imagine if Peloton or Trek advertised in a comic today, let alone both of them in the same issue. But that’s how they -ahem- rolled in those days.

Look, I don’t want you to waste this fine summer day reading this article. Let’s face it: you really should get outside and play. So, I’ll keep this column short and let you just enjoy these fine vintage bike ads from fine vintage comics!

Conventioneering in Carolina

One last thing: Shelton Drum and his team sure know how to run a fine convention! I’ll be at HeroesCon in Charlotte this weekend. I’m thrilled to be on this panel at 11 am Saturday, June 15th, in room 209 EF at the Charlotte Convention Center.


Join publisher JOHN MORROW as he reveals how TwoMorrows Publishing has made it 30 years in this tumultuous business. In addition to getting the scoop of John’s own anniversary issue of The Jack Kirby Collector (the publication that started it all), featured panelists include: ROY THOMAS (former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief, main writer for Marvel and DC Comics from the 1960s to today, and current editor of Alter Ego magazine), KEITH DALLAS (co-author of the new book Comic Book Implosion: Expanded Edition and editor of the American Comic Book Chronicles history book series), and ED CATTO (regular Back Issue magazine contributor, and the new Associate Editor of RetroFan magazine).