New Number Ones: New Comics Series and Specials Coming for the Week of 6/12/24

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Each week we bring you the list of new series and special editions coming this week. We are highlighting what you need to put in your cart at the comic shop or digital marketplace.

This is a big week for new books. Lots of intriguing new creator owned books and some captivating returns to existing properties. Check out this list.

We have an alphabetical list with cover art and the official solicitation text from the publishers of some of the cool new comics that are coming out this week. Check below for our PCS NOTES to find out what we just have to tell you about the new comics in question.

We have books on this week’s list from:  Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, Fantagraphics Books, DC Comics, Boom! Studios, Titan Books, Archie Comics, and Image Comics.

We will bring you reviews of these debut issues as they come out, and don’t forget to use the comments section to let us know what you think of this list.

New Series
New One-Shots and Special Editions

New Series This Week 

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight – The Kryptonian Age #1
DC Comics
Written by Andy Diggle
Art by Leandro Fernández & Dave Stewart
Letters by Simon Bowland
Cover Art by Fernández & Stewart

THE SEQUEL TO THE CLASSIC BATMAN: GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT! The new era of Elseworlds kicks off with the return of its crown jewel, the mysterious and gothic world originated by Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola! When a mysterious meteor falls on the wide-open plains of the Midwest, it will unleash a chain of events that find Gotham’s bizarre Batman contending with not just the twin threats of the Catwoman and a mysterious international assassin but also the emergence of superhuman beings beyond all comprehension! This sequel series expands the 19th-century DC Universe beyond the confines of Gotham City, showcasing bold new visions of once-familiar heroes… Do not miss it!

Release Date: June 12, 2024

PCS NOTES: I cannot tell you folks how excited I am for this new Batman book. Let’s Go!

Godzilla: Skate or Die #1
IDW Publishing
Written by Louie Joyce
Art by Joyce
Cover Art by Joyce

It’s Australian skater punks versus Varan and the King of the Monsters in this thrilling debut issue by writer/artist Louie Joyce (A Fistful of Pain)!

Four years ago, four best friends and die-hard skaters found the perfect location for a DIY skatepark. After months of hard work, they created the world’s sickest spot that they could enjoy for the rest of their lives… That is, until the ferocious Varan appeared in the middle of central Australia and started making a beeline for their beloved park.

Why is Varan on a rampage? Why did Godzilla just appear off the coast? What does their beloved skate spot have to do with this? And most importantly… what are these punks willing to do to save it?

Release Date: June 12, 2024

PCS NOTES: IDW definitely has your Godzilla fix ready for you.

Hate Revisited #1
Fantagraphics Books
Written by Peter Bagge
Art by Bagge
Cover Art by Bagge

Peter Bagge returns to the series that defined a generation with this all-new, four-issue monthly miniseries! Buddy and Lisa, now middle aged with a free spirited young adult of their own, confront their own poor decisions as young people in the grungy 1990s. Expertly shifting between the present day (in full color) and their Gen X heyday (in glorious, crosshatched B&W), we learn for the first time the story of how Buddy met Lisa, Stinky, George, and Val. Meanwhile, Buddy is forced to come to terms with the tragic — and covered-up — circumstances of Stinky’s untimely death (way back in Hate #27). Hate Revisited expertly showcases Bagge’s inimitable humor and knack for character, and the generational shift lends an unexpected gravitas to their lives. This is the must-have comic of the summer!

Release Date: June 12, 2024

PCS NOTES: Peter Bagge returning to some of his most well-known characters sounds like a win to me.

High on Life #1
Titan Books
Written by Alec Robbins
Art by Kit Wallis & JP Jordan
Cover Art by Baldemar Rivas



Though they restored peace to the cosmos by killing Garmantuous, there’s no rest for the Bounty Hunter when a brutal new threat to Humans shoots its way onto the scene. Armed with plucky & determined Harper – and the rest of the Gatlian gang – the series will take them on an explosive, twisting adventure across the cosmos.

A story of GUTS, GORE, REDEMPTION, and lost love, this brand-new miniseries will be a rollercoaster romp in the world of the eponymous video game.

Release Date: June 12, 2024 

Into the Unbeing: Part One #1
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Zac Thompson
Art by Hayden Sherman
Letters by Jim Campbell
Cover Art by Sherman

A group of climate scientists working in a remote base camp on the Australian outback discover an impossible landform. They venture inside expecting the unexpected, and the titular Unbeing delivers. True to the traditions of cosmic horror, they discover an anomalous environment that defies everything they think they know about the world.

From critically acclaimed writer Zac Thompson (Cemetery Kids Don’t Die, Blow Away) and visionary artist Hayden Sherman (Dark Spaces: Dungeon, Wasted Space).

Release Date: June 12, 2024

PCS NOTES: Sometime you look at the creators on a new book and say, “Yep. That’s for me!” This is one of those books!

Lawful #1
Boom! Studios
Written by Greg Pak
Art by Diego Galindo & Irma Knivila
Letters by Simon Bowland
Cover Art by Qistina Khalidah

Magical meets modern in a walled city with strangely familiar architecture, where two small children with a sense of adventure get a grim reminder of reality….

Because every mistake one makes in this world will cause them to transform into a monster, bit by bit, and in the eyes of society, there’s no distinction between the rules and what’s right!

Imperfection breeds monstrous consequences in this urban fantasy adventure with deep social commentary from renowned and award-winning writer Greg Pak (Mech Cadets, Darth Vader, Planet Hulk) and acclaimed artist Diego Galindo (Stranger Things: The Voyage).

Release Date: June 12, 2024

PCS NOTES: A new creator owned story from Greg Pak has me excited.

Plastic: Death & Dolls #1
Image Comics
Written by Doug Wagner
Art by Daniel Hillyard & Michelle Madsen
Letters by Ed Dukeshire
Cover Art by Hillyard & Madsen



Learn how Edwyn came to his first kill at 10 years old and how that set him on a blood-soaked path of decapitations, sporks, and dolls on his way to finding the one true love of his life…a sex doll named Virginia.

Release Date: June 12, 2024

PCS NOTES: This property by this creative team is a must-pull!

Remote Space #1
Image Comics
Written by Cliff Rathburn
Art by Rathburn
Cover Art by Rathburn


The year is 2450. Earth is dying. The human species has gone down two different evolutionary paths. One used cybernetic augmentation to adapt to space travel. The humans left behind used genetic manipulation to adapt to earth’s worsening climate. For earth to survive, civilizations need to collide.

Release Date: June 12, 2024 

Rifters #1
Image Comics
Written by Brian Posehn & Joe Trohman
Art by Chris Johnson
Cover Art by Johnson


Please, Saran-Wrap your ass, because you’re about to projectile-shit yourself right into the wild world of RIFTERS, where Time Cop collides with Law & Order, filtered through the Stupid McSmartsalot-Einstein lens of Mr. Show.

Fenton and Geller are a couple of part-time Wisenheimers, full-time vice time-cops who suck at rule-following but excel at busting time-travel crimes. Unfortunately, their daily grind involves tedious police work—like chasing down douchebag influencers hellbent on live-streaming illegal transtemporal trips to 1920s Chicago to steal primo bootleg hooch.

However, in a twist of fate, our heroes find themselves thrust into the heart of an inter-time serial homicide mystery, but not before things change, forcing our pair into the crosshairs of potentially lethal consequences.

The stakes are high, time is of the essence, and Fenton and Geller are about to discover that playing with the time-stream isn’t all flappers and jazz hands. Get ready for a high-octane, double-illegal adventure where the only sure thing is that RIFTERS is rewriting the rulebook on time-travel tales!

Release Date: June 12, 2024

PCS NOTES: If this solicitation doesn’t get you excited about this book, I don’t know how to help you.

Scarlet Witch #1
Marvel Comics
Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Jacopo Camagni & Frank William
Letters by Ariana Maher
Cover Art by Russell Dauterman

STEVE ORLANDO’S SCARLET WITCH RUN REIGNITES! The Scarlet Witch has carved out a haven for herself in upstate New York, but it’s all about to go up in flames. Wanda’s newfound peace has drawn the wrath of a primal force unlike anything she’s ever faced before, and it won’t stop until it razes Wanda’s world to the ground. It’s a clash of titans as Wanda and her allies fight for all she holds dear! What happens when an unstoppable force meets the end of all things? When pure chaos meets pure destruction? Wanda’s about to find out — if she survives long enough. Jacopo Camagni (X-MEN: RED, Nomen Omen) joins writer Steve Orlando for an explosive new chapter of Scarlet Witch’s story!

Release Date: June 12, 2024

PCS NOTES: To paraphrase Elton John, The Witch is Back! Steve Orlando’s journey with Wanda has been one of the highest lights at Marvel over the last few years.

X-Men: Heir of Apocalypse #1
Marvel Comics
Written by Steve Foxe
Art by Netho Diaz, J.P. Mayer, & Alex Sinclair
Cover Art by Adedotun Akande

For centuries, Apocalypse tested the mutants of Earth to guarantee that only the strong would survive. Now, as he takes his throne on Arakko, another must rise in his place and ensure the mutants of Earth do not grow weak in his absence! Twelve mutants chosen from the X-Men’s greatest heroes — and villains — will compete for the honor, but only one can become… the HEIR OF APOCALYPSE!

Release Date: June 12, 2024

PCS NOTES: This one looks pretty fun.

New One-Shots and Specials 

Giant-Size Daredevil #1
Marvel Comics
Written by Saladin Ahmed
Art by Paul Davidson & Matt Hollingsworth
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover Art by Bryan Hitch & Alex Sinclair

SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT, DAREDEVIL! He’s on the hunt: One of DAREDEVIL’s deadliest and most dangerous foes, empowered by forces unknown even to himself, prepares for the kill. Yes, none other than KINGPIN, stalking the streets of Manhattan by night. And no matter the speed with which Daredevil moves… there will be blood. PLUS: Includes a reprinting of DAREDEVIL #170 by Frank Miller — A.K.A. “THE KINGPIN MUST DIE!” — get your Fisk fix here, fearless fans!

Release Date: June 12, 2024

Kate Carew: America’s First Great Woman Cartoonist TP
Fantagraphics Books
Written by Eddie Campbell & Christine Chambers
Art by Kate Carew
Cover Art by Carew

Kate Carew was America’s first great woman cartoonist, drawing for newspapers in the first two decades of the 20th century. She drew Sunday color comics alongside George Herriman, but it was in the idiom of freestanding caricature that she made her mark. She interviewed and sketched many of the famous celebrities of her time including the Wright brothers, who built and flew the world’s first successful airplane; Marconi, who invented wireless radio; Picasso, the most famous painter of the 20th century; the world champion African American heavyweight boxer Jack Johnson; and the leading figures of the suffragette movement in the years before women won the right to vote in the UK (1918) and the US (1920). Her most endearing achievement was her cartoon alter ego “Aunt Kate,” whom she sketched into the proceedings, turning graphic reportage into her personal adventure from San Francisco and New York to London and Paris.

Written and designed by award-winning artist Eddie Campbell along with Carew’s granddaughter, Christine Chambers, this book is an insightful, well researched biography as well as an astonishing archive of Carew’s cartoons and illustrations.

Release Date: June 12, 2024

PCS NOTES: You know I will be checking this out!

Secret Six by Gail Simone Omnibus Vol. 1 HC
DC Comics
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Nicola Scott, Doug Hazelwood, Dale Eaglesham, Brad Walker, and more
Cover Art by Scott & Laura Martin

This band of outcasts has fought the world’s greatest heroes and the world’s deadliest villains. They’ve shot, swindled, scammed, and double-crossed the very best and lived to tell the tale. The Secret Six will take any job if the price is right but might kill each other off in the process.

Collects VILLAINS UNITED #1-6, VILLAINS UNITED: INFINITE CRISIS SPECIAL #1, BIRDS OF PREY #104-109, SECRET SIX (2006) #1-6, SECRET SIX (2008) #1-16, and stories from 52 #28 and COUNTDOWN #22, along with an introduction and commentary by Simone, new cover by Nicola Scott, and more!

Release Date: June 12, 2024

PCS NOTES: This is a collection of some of Gail Simone’s best work. If you haven’t read it or even if you have, this tome is sure to be a treasure.

Stan Mack’s Real Life Funnies HC
Fantagraphics Books
Written by Stan Mack
Art by Mack
Cover Art by Mack

Sketchbook in hand, Stan Mack haunted the New York City environs, watching, listening, overhearing, and interviewing its inhabitants. He drew a comic strip every week based on what he saw and heard, famously using verbatim dialogue for his graphic dramatizations. A mixture of humor, spontaneity, serendipity, and weirdness, Mack’s comic strip snapshots caught New Yorkers -whether it is an extortionist calligrapher, a baby evading arrest at her first protest, a stroll up Broadway with a ferret, an evening with a male liberationist, or an unlucky-in-love dolphin trainer- being who they are in all their unguarded and uninhibited glory.

Release Date: June 12, 2024

PCS NOTES: Fantagraphics is on fire this week.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Usagi Yojimbo: Saturday Morning Adventures #1
IDW Publishing
Written by Erik Burnham
Art by Jack Lawrence
Cover Art by Lawrence

Usagi Yojimbo, honorable samurai and rabbit out of time, has been stuck in New York City ever since one of Donatello’s experiments with a transdimensional portal went awry. Usagi has grown to appreciate the city, his friends in the Turtles, and most of all, pizza, but he still wants to return to his own dimension more than anything. When Donatello finally finds a way for Usagi to do just that, the rabbit warrior invites the Turtles to visit his home… where they find a dangerous new enemy. It’s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Usagi Yojimbo together again in a whole new dimension!

Release Date: June 12, 2024

PCS NOTES: Ninjas and Samurai. Turtles and rabbits. Sounds like a blast!

The Wicked Trinity #1
Archie Comics
Written by Sam Maggs
Art by Lisa Sterle & Ellie Wright
Letters by Jack Morelli
Cover Art by Sterle

Sabrina’s magical nemesis Amber Nightstone and her sidekicks, Jade Kazane and Sapphire Gill, are intent on becoming the most powerful witches in the world. Isolated from so many around them, the three have formed a coven based on their individual needs for vengeance and true freedom. But when there is some dissent among the ranks, their small coven is threatened to be obliterated from within.

Release Date: June 12, 2024

PCS NOTES: Archie magic users is one of my jams.

X-Men: Blood Hunt – Jubilee #1
Marvel Comics
Written by Preeti Chhibber
Art by Enid Bala`m, Elisabetta D’Amico, & Jim Campbell
Letters by Ariana Maher
Cover Art by Erica D’Urso & Rachelle Rosenberg

Running from the past is one race you’ll never win — and as darkness suffuses the world, JUBILEE’s past as a vampire is back to take a big bite out of her! It’s gonna take more than a couple plasma bursts to get out of this one, Jubilation…

Release Date: June 12, 2024