New Number Ones: New Comics Series and Specials Coming the Week of 5/8/24

Welcome to the New Number Ones!

Each week we bring you the list of new series and special editions coming this week. We are highlighting what you need to put in your cart at the comic shop or digital marketplace.

There are couple of trends we noticed in this week’s new books. Valiant characters are back in print from Alien Books, and Marvel’s Blood Hunt is leaking into some new titles. Besides that it is a great list of new books with a good mix of new and established properties.

We have an alphabetical list with cover art and the official solicitation text from the publishers of some of the cool new comics that are coming out this week. Check below for our PCS NOTES to find out what we just have to tell you about the new comics in question.

We have books on this week’s list from:  Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Mad Cave Studios, First Second Press, DC Comics, Valiant Entertainment, IDW Entertainment, Boom! Studios, and Image Comics.

We will bring you reviews of these debut issues as they come out, and don’t forget to use the comments section to let us know what you think of this list.

New Series
New One-Shots and Special Editions

Ain’t No Grave #1
Image Comics
Written by Skottie Young
Art by Jorge Corona & Jean-François Beaulieu
Letters by Nate Piekos
Cover Art by Corona

Eisner Award-winning writer SKOTTIE YOUNG and Eisner Award-nominated artist JORGE CORONA, the team behind the hit series MIDDLEWEST and THE ME YOU LOVE IN THE DARK, are back together with an all-new miniseries, AIN’T NO GRAVE! This Unforgiven-style journey is an original macabre Western/fantasy tale for mature readers, told through a Guillermo Del Toro-esque lens.

Ryder put her violent past behind her when she fell in love and became a mother. But that was before she learned it was all going to be taken away. Now she’ll have to pick up her guns once again and ride to kill the one who’s behind the threat. Which just happens to be Death.

The genre-bending adventure begins in this DOUBLE-LENGTH FIRST ISSUE, with **forty pages of story and no ads! **

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: When this creative team puts out a comic, you get it and you will love it. 

The Armory Wars: Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume II #1
Boom! Studios
Written by Claudio Sanchez & Chondra Echert
Art by Guillaume Martinez & Valentina Bianconi
Cover Art by Gianluca Gugliotta

Long time comics creator and Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez makes a triumphant return to conclude the fan-favorite Amory Wars, where death is only the beginning.

Claudio Kilgannon was thought dead by The Red Army, but a rising suspicion sends them on a trail to discover his fate.

If Claudio is in fact alive, he’ll be in dire straits amidst the mystery and mayhem that’s yet to unfold…

Sanchez teams with co-writer Chondra Echert and artist Guillaume Martinez for this epic maxi-series that acts as a companion story to the Coheed and Cambria album of the same name and is sure to appeal to readers of Descender and Saga!

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: Fans of this property should be excited for this return!

Blood Hunters #1
Marvel Comics
Written by Christos Gage, Mark Russell, & Ericka Schultz
Art by Javier Garrón, Morry Hollowell, Bob Quinn, Matt Milla, Bernard Chang, & Marcelo Maiolo
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover Art by Greg Land & Frank D’Armata

The first in a new anthology series that explores how the shattering events of BLOOD HUNT cover the breadth of the Marvel Universe! HAWKEYE is on the run — but does he have enough trick arrows in his quiver to avoid both the long arm of the law AND vampires out for his blood?! MAN-WOLF and J. JONAH JAMESON do a little father-son bonding — while also fighting for their lives against a horde of bloodsuckers! And, in a continuing story, with CLOAK missing in action DAGGER strikes out in search of new and surprising allies. Witness the genesis of Marvel’s wildest team yet: the BLOOD HUNTERS! It all begins here!

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: Marvel’s Blood Hunt event will generate a bunch of spinoff series like this one over the next few weeks.

The Boy Wonder #1
DC Comics
Written by Juni Ba
Art by Ba & Chris O’Hallaran
Letters by Aditya Bidikar
Cover Art by Ba & O’Hallaran


The young prince Damian Wayne was raised to be the heir to the fearsome League of Assassins — to follow in the footsteps of his deadly mother, Talia, and the Demon’s Head himself, his grandfather Ra’s al Ghul. But everything changed when his father, the Batman, reclaimed him and brought him back to Gotham City. As Robin, young Damian suddenly discovered he was merely one of a number of princes, preceded in the role by his “brothers” Nightwing, Red Hood, and Red Robin… and Damian doesn’t care to be merely anything. But when his father is forced to leave the city on urgent business, and a rash of abductions is accompanied by whispers of a demon stalking Gotham’s dark alleys, Damian will find himself battling alongside his adoptive brothers — and in the process, learning what the mantle of Robin really means! Visionary writer/artist Juni Ba makes his mark on the timeless story of Batman and Robin, synthesizing the characters’ complex history into an accessible and heartrending fairy tale!

Release Date: May 8, 2024


Crocodile Black #1
Boom! Studios
Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Art by Somnath Pal & Patricio Delpeche
Cover Art by Andrea Sorrentino

What makes someone turn to crime—especially in a modern, pandemic-riddled dystopia?

Danny, a seemingly mundane young man lost in escapism, with a spiraling lack of control over his life, witnesses something during a delivery job that will change him forever, turning things as dark as the black, crocodile skin boots that he can’t take his eyes off of…

In this criminal thriller from Eisner-nominated writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Action Comics) and rising star artist Somnath Pal (Brigands), the morally gray turns to cold-blooded murder.

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: We have been excited for this for a few months now. Check out what writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson had to say about it here or here.

Dracula: Blood Hunt #1
Marvel Comics
Written by Danny Lore
Art by Vincenzo Carratú & David Curiel
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover Art by Rod Reis

ALL WILL BOW TO THE LORD OF VAMPIRES! BLADE is Dracula’s ultimate nemesis: the most formidable vampire hunter in the world. BLADE is Brielle Brooks’ father: the man who’s training her to follow in his footsteps. But during the BLOOD HUNT, when day is night and all is not as it appears, these enemies may find their interests — however briefly — aligned… for the fate of humanity?!

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: Another Blood Hunt tie-in with a great creative cast.

Faith Returns #1
Valiant Entertainment / Alien Books
Written by Jody Houser
Art by Aleta Vidal
Cover Art by Luca Erbetta

When Faith’s world crumbles under the weight of a wrongful accusation, she turns to the enigmatic Capshaw for aid. But every favor has its price, and now Faith finds herself in debt, not only to Capshaw but also to G.A.T.E. Can she navigate the dangerous web of alliances to emerge victorious?

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: Part of the Valiant return this week, we are excited to see new Faith stories.

Mugshots #1
Mad Cave Studios
Written by Jordan Thomas
Art by Chris Matthews
Letters by Lucas Gattoni
Cover Art by Matthews

Brighton, UK. 2008. The kidnapping of a young woman starts a chain of events that will set con artists, gangsters, killers, and corrupt police on a collision course of violence. Meet John Bannan, self-proclaimed bastard and loving uncle, in this tale of family trauma, betrayal, murder, and revenge that threatens to bring the city’s whole underworld down.

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: This looks like an excellent book from Mad Cave that we are excited to get into.

Strange Academy: Blood Hunt #1
Marvel Comics
Written by Daniel José Older
Art by Luigi Zagaria, Eric Gapstur, Scott Hanna, Erick Arciniega, & Edgar Delgado
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover Art by Humberto Ramos & Delgado

The vampire onslaught of BLOOD HUNT reaches worldwide all the way down to NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, home of the STRANGE ACADEMY! DOYLE DORMAMMU, SHAYLEE, TOTH, ZOE, GERMÁN get embroiled in an adventure that will take them around the Marvel Universe and right into the center of the BLOOD HUNT action! That’s right, the kids from the best new series of the decade find themselves at center stage of the Marvel event of 2024!

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: The last of the Blood Hunt tie-ins for this week looks like a fun one.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Black, White, & Green #1
IDW Publishing
Written by Various
Art by Various
Cover Art by Declan Shalvey

It’s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles like you’ve never seen them before! This special series gathers up some of comics’ most eclectic and exciting talent to bring their takes on TMNT to the page, taking the characters back to their origins in black-and-white independent comics… but with a touch of green!

Thrill to all-new adventures by the likes of Paulina Ganucheau (Wonder Woman: The Adventures of Young Diana), Declan Shalvey (Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan, Moon Knight), and more. With covers by Shalvey, Ganucheau, and superstar James Stokoe (Orc Stain; Godzilla: The Half-Century War)!

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: Turtles with a limited color palette? Sounds like fun to me.

The Valiants #1
Valiant Entertainment / Alien Books
Written by Ryan Cady
Art by Al Barrionuevo
Cover Art by Agustin Alessio

A mysterious sinkhole emerges in the heart of DC, devouring the newly erected X-O Memorial statue in its depths. But this is no ordinary sinkhole; it’s a gateway to The Faraway, a realm beyond imagination, teeming with peril and unknown wonders. Prepare for an epic adventure as Jamie Capshaw, the mastermind behind Valiant’s new team, brings together an ensemble of extraordinary characters, including the iconic Eternal Warrior, Ninjak, Bloodshot, and other guest stars!

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: A new era for Valiant is dawning? Well. I, for one, want to see what Ryan Cady has in store for us.

The Witcher: Corvo Bianco #1
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Bartosz Sztybor
Art by Corrado Mastantuono & Matteo Vattai
Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Cover Art by Mastantuono

Geralt acquires a taste for a simple life-good wine and good company. With Yennefer at his side, the routines of a witcher are eclipsed. But the stains of history are deep, and with blood and wine, every drop attracts those who want more. The U.S. comics debut of Italian comics legend Corrado Mastantuono!

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: This is sure to be a visual spectacle. 

New One-Shots and Specials 

Energon Universe Special 2024 #1
Image Comics / Skybound
Written by Robert Kirkman, Daniel Warren Johnson, & Joshua Williamson
Art by Lorenzo De Felici, Mat Lopes, Ryan Ottley, Annalisa Leoni, Jason Howard, & Mike Spicer
Letters by Rus Wooten
Cover Art by Johnson

A special new printing of ENERGON UNIVERSE FCBD 2024 SPECIAL featuring three all new stories from the Energon Universe, with stunning revelations for the worlds of TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE, and VOID RIVALS from the biggest names in comics.

A perfect jumping-on point for new readers and a can’t-miss for long-term fans.

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: Have you been reading the Energon Universe books? Why not? If you missed FCBD, don’t miss this book.

Giant Size X-Men #1
Marvel Comics
Written by Ann Nocenti
Art by Lee Ferguson & Kike J. Díaz
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover Art by Bryan Hitch & Alex Sinclair


A mysterious card has lured the dashing Warren Worthington III, A.K.A.. ANGEL of the X-MEN, to a quiet New York City street… where he will undergo a torturous trial unlike any he’s ever faced before! A brand-new villain has it out for mutantkind — and aims to start by knocking Angel out of the sky! PLUS: Includes a reprinting of MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #68 by Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio and Ron Wilson — a classic Angel-and-Thing team-up tale of daring, drama, doom… and disco?!

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: We are big fans of Ann Nocenti and Warren Worthington III; so, this seems like a no brainer.

Karate Prom HC
First Second Press
Written by Kyle Starks
Art by Starks
Cover Art by Starks


Don “TheDragonWilson” Jones is the finest fighter Benjamin Harrison High School has ever produced. But when he enters the ring against Lincoln High’s Sam Steadman, it’s love at first knockout.

Unfortunately, Sam has a jerky ex-boyfriend…and Don has a seriously terrifying ex-girlfriend. Like, “global crime cartel” terrifying. From prom to the after-party to graduation, Don and Sam―and an increasingly eclectic cast of supporting oddballs―will have to fight their way through a gauntlet of opponents, all in the name of love (and punching). Did we mention the punching?

Fast-paced, madcap, and completely free of any kind of redeeming or morally thoughtful content, KARATE PROM is a loving homage to teen comedies of the ’80s as well as badly dubbed kung-fu films.

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: A Kyle Starks book is a must-read.

Punk Mambo: The Punk Witch Project #1
Valiant Entertainment / Alien Books
Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Andres Ponce
Cover Art by Dan Panosian

London is pulsating with energy, and guess who’s about to set the city ablaze? None other than the electrifying Punk Mambo! Get ready for a wild ride as Punk makes a triumphant return to her roots, unleashing a tidal wave of rebellious magic. Brace yourself as the legendary creator Peter Milligan (Hellblazer, Shade, the Changing Man, X-Statix) takes the reins once again, weaving a spellbinding tale in the very heart of The Punk Witch Project! This is not just a call; it’s a full-throttle, mystical reunion that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

ONE-SHOT! 56 pages of story content + cardboard cover + metallic foil!

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: One of Valiant’s most underrated characters is back this week in the Valiant revival.

The Singularity #1
Image Comics
Written by Mat Groom & Bear McCreary
Art by Rod Reis, Eleonora Carlini, Ramón Pérez, Matías Bergara, Danilo Beyruth, & John Pearson
Cover Art by John Hofstetter

How much loss can one soul endure?

Blue Eyes can’t stop being reborn. He tumbles from life to life, from one unthinkably strange universe to the next — the only constant that, one way or another, everything that he learns to love is lost. But when Blue Eyes finally catches up to a mysterious figure he’s seen recurring throughout his lives, he realizes he might just have a chance to escape his cursed immortality — or, at very least, exact revenge for it.

Inspired by, and a companion to, Emmy and BAFTA Award-winning composer BEAR McCREARY’s first-ever original concept album of the same name, THE SINGULARITY sees a cavalcade of comics’ greatest artists join with writer MAT GROOM (INFERNO GIRL RED) to tell a sweeping, cosmic story about the lessons that loss can teach us.

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: This might be the most intriguing new release this week. 

Sirens of the City TP
Boom! Studios
Written by Joanne Starer
Art by Khary Randolph & Matt Herms
Letters by AndWorld Design
Cover Art by Randolph

Runaway teen Layla struggles to survive on the mean streets of 1980s New York City, far from home. But now every supernatural creature from the darkest corners of the urban grime is after Layla… and the fetus with great power she never wanted growing inside her. Being a Siren also comes with its share of power, and Layla wouldn’t dare let that go to waste.

A mysterious villain known as the Rat King will use any means necessary to find out more about the boundless power Layla carries against her will, but will her power be enough to escape from his clutches, and save her friends, the city, and… even herself?

Writer Joanne Starer (Fire & Ice: Welcome To Smallville, The Gimmick) and artist Khary Randolph (Excellence) shine a light on bodily autonomy in a patriarchal world in this gritty urban fantasy.

Collects Sirens of the City #1-6.

Release Date: May 8, 2024

PCS NOTES: If you missed the single issues, we definitely recommend this collected series.