With Further Ado #295: ITHACON Preview

We’re getting to launch ITHACON again. It’s the nation’s second longest running comic convention, and I’ve had to the privilege to be involved with this one for the last few years. This year, we have some amazing guests and some very clever panels!

And of course, there’s more information here and if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, what are you waiting for? They are available here!

Re-Awakenings: Disney’s Gargoyles 30th Anniversary Panel:
11:30 Saturday

Thirty years ago, a new type of hero hit the airwaves as part of the Disney Afternoon: stone statues called Gargoyles who came to life at night to fight crime! Blending history, mythology, sci-fi, and romance, Disney’s Gargoyles ran for 78 episodes, boasted a Marvel Comics tie-in, a video game, and toys. Now, at Dynamite, the Gargoyles live again! Meet Joseph Rybandt, Editorial Director at Dynamite Entertainment, the publisher of Gargoyles record-setting revival, and other panelists for a discussion of the show’s history, its current success in comic book form at Dynamite, and its future in the recently announced live-action Disney+ reboot! Moderated by Jonathan Chalmers

Editing Comics 101: with Shelly Bond
2:30 Saturday

What does a comic book editor actually do? Find out with ITHACON 47’s Guest of Honor, Shelly Bond. She’s had an impressive comic career, and it started with she was a student at Ithaca College. We’re excited to roll out the red carpet for Shelly -and her husband, artist Philip Bond. In this panel, Shelly will deconstruct the process of making comics. Don’t miss it!

Lean into Dean – spotlight on Dean Haspiel
1:30 Saturday

Emmy and Ringo award winning cartoonist Dean Haspiel will talk about his experience with print comics, webcomics, and Kickstarters. He’ll also delve into what it’s like to produce franchise comics versus creator owned comics, and the state of the industry with moderator Bob Harrison!

B&W and Read all over: The Enduring Allure of Warren Comics:
3:30 Saturday

In the Silver and Bronze Ages, comics were more than just four-color funnies. Warren Publishing was the trailblazer of oversized black & white magazine sized treasures, filled with Horror, SF and more. Warren showcased all the best artists too! Join horror writer Eric Machan Howd, Mike Gold, and moderator Lily Collins for a deep dive into the glory – and gory – days of Warren.

A Hypothesis on Child Abuse in Grendel: Devil by the Deed:
2:30 pm Saturday

The original Grendel series featured the ruthless crime boss, Hunter Rose. He was violent and amoral in all ways except one: he would not accept child abuse within his criminal territory. This becomes a center feature of the story when he adopts a young girl after rescuing her from an abuser; this girl later arranges for his death. I will analyze clues in the series that could lead to the conclusion that Hunter Rose was abused as a child himself. Moderated by SU’s Chris Wildrick.

Megaton Man’s 40th Anniversary—1984 to 2024!
2:00 pm Saturday

Over a four-decade-long career, cartoonist-creator Don Simpson has drawn everything from King Kong to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — but he’s still best known for his satirical superhero Megaton Man. Celebrating forty years since the debut of Megaton Man #1 in December 1984, the Man of Molecules went on to team up with the Savage Dragon, normalman, the Flaming Carrot, and even The Tick — a character inspired in part by Megaton Man. Don will look back on the one-shot that turned into a series, mini-series, and an ever-expanding universe of Bizarre Heroes, and now, the Multimensions of alternate realities! Don will also preview The Complete Megaton Man Universe Volume I, a 600-page omnibus collecting the 1980s comics in a lavish hardbound format, coming this year from Fantagraphics Underground!

Space Ghost: Nostalgia means Cartoons + Cereal
12:30 Saturday

While we’re all waiting for the Space Ghost series from Dynamite, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the 60s cartoon series – and enjoy with a bowl of cereal and milk! Dynamite’s Joe Rybandt will be on hand to answer questions about the new series too!

Covering Comics: The Comic Press
1:30 Sunday

New releases of the latest comics are a big deal nowadays and news travels fat in this digital age. Come join as Bob Harrison of Pop Culture Squad and The Dollar Bin Bandits as they unite to discuss the comic book press realm. They’ll discuss how comic news has changed over the decades and what they do now to promote the newest projects in comics. From DC and Marvel all the way to Ahoy Comics, you don’t want to miss this stellar ride.

* * *

And I’m not even touching up on the other great panels with professionals like Walter Simonson, Roger Stern, Chris Condon, Glenn Whitmore ..and more. We’re going to have so much fun and I hope you can join us!