With Further Ado #294: Tripwire Explains that Crime Does Not Pay

5 and ½ Questions with Tripwire’s Joel Meadows

Joel Meadows is always juggling the most interesting projects, so I’m elated that I was able to speak with him and ask him 5 and ½ Questions about the next issue of Tripwire Magazine.

Question #1
Ed Catto: Can you give us a little background on Tripwire?

Joel Meadows: Tripwire has existed as a print magazine covering the worlds of comics, film, TV and art since 1992 and online since 2015. We publish a print magazine three times a year, currently in a high production value of a 100-page format. We have garnered a lot of industry fans over the years:

“Tripwire is research done right celebrating and investigating the love of comic books.” – writer/ artist Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn, Jonah Hex, Pop Kill, Paper Films)

“Tripwire is a vibrant part of entertainment coverage – specifically comics and geek culture. Supporting them, we support ourselves.” – writer Alex Segura (Pete Fernandez book series)

“Tripwire is always well-researched and enthusiastic, by people who truly care about the importance of story. It’s analytical without losing heart.”–JH Williams III (artist, Echolands, Promethea, Batwoman)

” Tripwire has been for over three decades the touchstone of comic book culture in the U.K and one of the leading periodicals dedicated to this narrative art form. Incisive, smart and always relevant.” – Guillermo del Toro (Oscar winning director, The Shape of Water)

“Tripwire covers such a wide variety of topics in the world of news, entertainment and the arts, and covers them so well, that it’s pretty much become my go-to source for what’s going on in media. I know if Tripwire is covering a subject, it’s not only interesting, fun and informative, it’s also legit.” –Bill Sienkiewicz (legendary artist and illustrator)

Question #2:
EC: The current issue of Tripwire looks especially fun. What’s it all about?

JM: Our cover feature looks at 25 years of crime comics veterans Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. We wanted to a do a special version of the next print magazine so the cover here is one that people can only get if they pledge on the campaign. There’s also some rather nifty Sean Phillips art prints and Sherlock Holmes prints only available here too. We are also offering people the opportunity to grab all of our print magazines published since we returned back to print back in 2000.

Question #3
EC: Why do you think Brubaker and Phillips are so popular?

JM: Because they are prolific, but they also offer comics, whether that’s single issues or more commonly at the moment standalone graphic novels of such rare consistency that very few of their contemporaries can compete with the sheer quality of whey they produce. They tap into a unique vein of comics that appeals to a fairly loyal audience and 25 years working together is pretty bloody impressive. They have a true chemistry as creators that only a few others achieve.

Question #4
EC: What else is in this issue?

JM: The magazine also includes a celebration of 10 years of Mad Cave Studios with the three key people at the company, 40 years of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a look back at the history of crime comics, previewing our next Sherlock Holmes and the Empire Builders graphic novel and more.

Question #5
EC: How can fans get this issue?

JM: They can pledge on Kickstarter until April 17th here.

Question 5 ½
EC: What else are you working on?

JM: I am finishing editing and designing our unique book of creator photos Face to Face and also scripting the second Sherlock Holmes and The Empire Builders graphic novel, which should be available on ZOOP sometime in June.

EC: Thanks so much for your time, old buddy!