New Number Ones: New Comics Series and Specials Coming the Week of 4/10/24

Welcome to the New Number Ones!

Each week we bring you the list of new series and special editions coming this week. We are highlighting what you need to put in your cart at the comic shop or digital marketplace.

This is a bit of a crazy week in that there are no new series or notable bigger books from Marvel or DC Comics this week. Not to worry. There are a bunch of great looking new books from other publishers and we are looking forward to a whole lot of these new comics.

We have an alphabetical list with cover art and the official solicitation text from the publishers of some of the cool new comics that are coming out this week. Check below for our PCS NOTES to find out what we just have to tell you about the new comics in question.

We have books on this week’s list from:  Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, Boom! Studios, Mad Cave Studios, Ablaze Publishing, Drawn and Quarterly, Ahoy Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, and IDW Publishing.

We will bring you reviews of these debut issues as they come out, and don’t forget to use the comments section to let us know what you think of this list.

New Series
New One-Shots and Special Editions

New Series This Week 

Deadweights #1
Ahoy Comics
Written by Tyrone Finch
Art by Sebastián Piriz
Cover Art by Piriz

Is this another exciting new superhero universe? No—just a buddy comedy about two unlucky henchmen trying to make their way in the world! DEADWEIGHTS takes a hard look at what happens after the fight when the villains are tired of being villains, and the heroes aren’t as heroic as they want you to think. Written by Tyrone Finch (Swine, Station 19) and gorgeously drawn by Sebastián Piriz (We Ride Titans). Featuring the first of six “mug shot” incentive covers by Richard Pace (Second Coming), which will form a linked image.

Release Date: April 10, 2024

PCS NOTES: This just looks like it will be tons of fun.

Hercules #1
Dynamite Entertainment
Written by Elliott Kalan
Art by George Kambadais
Cover Art by Kambadais


The world’s favorite demigod-turned-mortal is back, and he’s about to embark on the biggest adventure since The Odyssey!

The Greek gods don’t really get why Hercules chose a mortal life over the opportunity to join them on Mt. Olympus, but since he proved his mettle as a hero many times over, they’re happy to enlist his help with missions that require interventions in the earthly realm. So when Aphrodite grants an artist’s wish that his sculpture be brought to life, Herc gets the call to clean things up when the newly conscious artwork proves to be more bone-crushingly lively than expected!

But after discovering that the rogue statue is just misunderstood, and a little rambunctious (much like himself as a youth), Hercules returns to explain the situation to Aphrodite – only to find her temple empty and abandoned. Is the goddess of love just pouting, or is something more sinister afoot? If you know anything about classic mythology, you know it’s going to be the latter!

The immortal team of Emmy Award-winning writer ELLIOTT KALAN (The Daily Show) and Gargoyles artist GEORGE KAMBADAIS bring these legends of antiquity to hilarious new life in this brand-new ongoing series. This premier issue also features a pantheon of divinely talented cover artists, including KAMBADAIS, MATTEO LOLLI, FRANCESCO TOMASELLI, and more!


Release Date: April 10, 2024

PCS NOTES: The concept that Dynamite has been using with these Disney movie character comics is good for comics and we look forward to this one.

Monsters Are My Business (And Business is Bloody ) #1
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Patrick Piazzalunga & Marco Brakko
Letters by Jim Campbell
Cover Art by Piazzalunga & Brakko

Meet Tanner “Griz” Grisholm. Along with a shrewd necromancer who wants him dead and a chainsaw-wielding koala bear named Cuddles, as he wages a bloody war against nightmares from beyond time and space. It’s thankless work, but someone has to do it. And when a group of government contractors go missing in the nightmare landscape of the Flooded Zone, Griz stumbles into a mystery he may not be able to carve his way out of. His old biker pals, the Howling Gargoyles, are up to no good, and the memories might be too much for Griz to handle.

Release Date: April 10. 2024

PCS NOTES: Whenever a new Cullen Bunn book shows up unexpectedly, it is an exciting day. Yeah, I think this is definitely going in the read pile.

Rat City #1
Image Comics
Written by Erica Schultz
Art by Zé Carlos, FCO Plascencia, Jay David Ramos, Marcello Iozzoli
Letters by Schultz
Cover Art by Carlos

The EXTRA-LENGTH first issue of RAT CITY has finally arrived and features the talents of ERICA SCHULTZ (THE DEADLIEST BOUQUET, Moon Knight: Black, White, and Blood) and ZÉ CARLOS (Captain America, Strange Academy: Moon Knight).

Peter Cairn is an ex-soldier, an amputee, and a Hellspawn in a post-war future. But Peter’s not dead like Al. Peter got his Spawn powers from the nanites in his prosthetic legs—nanites that were affected when Al Simmons initiated his necroplasmic detonation in the present. Al had no clue that the effects would ripple across not just space, and but time as well.

Release Date: April 10, 2024

PCS NOTES: This is an historic event in the Spawn Universe, and we are here for it. If you have been sleeping on Erica Shultz’s comic writing, you have been missing out, and you should fix that now. 

Silicon Bandits #1
Magma Comics
Written by Jason Starr
Art by Dalibor Talajić & Stjepan Šejić
Letters by Shawn Lee
Cover Art by Talajić

In a near future where automation has caused mass unemployment, programmers Kenji and Aurora’s careers seemed safe. But when they are suddenly fired, the couple hatches a desperate plan: assemble the perfect bank-heist crew out of androids they programmed. The ensuing crime spree goes perfectly… until betrayal and sentience emerge in equally devastating turns!

Crime novelist and comic author Jason Starr (Wolverine Max, Ant-Man: Natural Enemy) reunites with Casual Fling collaborator Dalibor Talajić (Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe) in a tale with enough twists and turns to fry your circuits! Each issue features a variant cover by Goran Parlov (The Punisher)!

Release Date: April 10, 2024

PCS NOTES: One of the first series from newcomer publisher Magma Comics definitely warrants a read. Also our own Ed Catto got a preview of this book and talked about it here.

St. Mercy: Godland #1
Image Comics / Top Cow
Written by John Zuur Platten
Art by Atilio Rojo
Cover Art by Rojo


In ST. MERCY: GODLAND, Mercedes Oro finds herself immortal, forever tethered to the cursed ancient Incan gold, and in constant struggle with the Incan gods who deem her both a threat and an opportunity.

Now, with the spirit of Toctolissica inside her, and her demon sister Quispe beside her, Mercy heads to 1930s Hollywood—a different golden age with gods of its own. Will Mercy’s newfound star power be enough to hold the past at bay, or will the power of the gods force her into the bloody center of a conflict even she can’t survive?

Release Date: April 10. 2024

PCS NOTES: If you like period pieces and demon possession stories, this is the book for you.

Uncanny Valley #1
Boom! Studios
Written by Tony Fleecs
Art by Dave Wachter
Letters by Pat Brosseau
Cover Art by Wachter

Oliver is a seemingly typical 12 year old boy… except for a mysterious family history that seems to start and end with his mother, and unexplainable powers, that is.

He can do things other boys can’t, to the point of landing him in some trouble. Baffled by the surreal cartoonish nature of his abilities and followed by a murder of peculiar crows, the mystery behind Oliver’s family history finally unfolds!

Written by fan-favorite writer Tony Fleecs (Stray Dogs, Local Man) and illustrated by acclaimed artist Dave Wachter (Punisher, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), discover what makes Oliver special and strange as he searches for his place in the world.

Release Date: April 10, 2024

PCS NOTES: Well, this is absolutely the NEW NUMBER ONE OF THE WEEK. We have been excited about this for a while and spoke to writer Tony Fleecs about it recently. You can check out that conversation here.

When the Blood Has Dried #1
Mad Cave Studios
Written by Gary Moloney
Art by Daniel Romero
Letters by Becca Carey
Cover Art by Marco Rudy

Years ago, a stranger came to Carraig an Bhun, a little town on the edge of the Southern Territories. The locals eventually came to see this “blow-in,” Meabh of Cklonia, as one of their own. Now, Meabh has taken over as proprietor of The Lough Inn, finding a semblance of peace after a lifetime of adventuring… however, the proposed opening of a branch of the Adventurers’ Guild risks dragging her past into the present. What would the townsfolk do if they discovered their beloved barkeep was once part of a ruthless band of rogue sell-swords masquerading as noble heroes?

Release Date: April 10, 2024

PCS NOTES: Mad Cave keeps producing good creator-owned comics and we want to see what this one is all about. 

New One-Shots and Specials 

Dungeon & Dragons: The Theif of Many Things #1
IDW Publishing
Written by Jim Zub & Ellen Boener
Art by Eduardo Mello
Cover Art by Max Dunbar

One-Shot Special

The Deck of Many Things is the most infamous item in the Dungeons & Dragons canon. Any one of its cards could throw the world into chaos or, in the wrong hands, end it all together. This mega one-shot reveals fresh lore tied to the Book of Many Things Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook and brings the legends of the Deck to life. Our quest follows two ex-romantic rivals who team up to steal the cards, risking everything for the chance to save the lover they lost. Dungeons & Dragons icon Jim Zub (Rick & Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons, Uncanny Avengers, Conan) joins forces with up-and-coming writer Ellen Boener (Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves—The Feast of the Moon) and artist Eduardo Mello (Dungeons & Dragons: Mindbreaker, DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War) for this new Baldur’s Gate tale.

One-Shot Comic – 68 pages – $9.99

Release Date: April 10, 2024

PCS NOTES: We are always interested in D&D comics, and Jim Zub has a great handle on how to deliver high quality fantasy drama.

Eden TP
Humanoids, Inc.
Written by Christopher Sebela
Story by Alain Bismut & Abel Ferry
Art by Marc Laming & Lee Loughridge
Letters by Troy Peteri
Cover Art by Laming & Loughridge

Original Graphic Novel

Desperate to escape a dying Earth, a family schemes their way onto a massive spaceship towards a new planet, Eden. But shortly after they take off, they discover the terrifying truth, and their journey toward salvation becomes a fight to survive.

The world is dying. Massive overpopulation strains the Earth’s resources, endangering all of humanity with the threat of famine, disease, and war. Governments and the environment alike crumble, and the populace take drastic measures to stay alive. Their only hope is Eden, a newly discovered distant Earth-like planet unspoiled by the choices of man. Massive Edencorp spaceships begin to shuttle millions of lucky people to the safety of Eden, chosen by lottery.

The Oximenko family has survived for years through scavenging, street smarts, and hope. When a neighboring family wins the Eden lottery, Gabe Oximenko hatches a plan to swap out his family with the winners. Everything is going according to plan until the Oximenkos are shocked out of cryosleep and learn the truth of their journey. Now, the family must once again fight for survival, but this time an entire transport ship is looking to make sure they never make it to Eden… or anywhere else!

Writer Christopher Sebela (Godfell, Crowded) and artist Marc Laming (Star Wars, James Bond 007) have come together to craft a sci-fi thriller of environmental collapse and corporate greed. From a story by Alain Bismut and Abel Ferry, with colors by Lee Loughridge and letters by Troy Peteri.

Trade Paperback – 136 pages – $22.99 – Perfect Bound

Release Date: April 10, 2024

PCS NOTES: What an interesting solicitation?! And that is a stellar creative team for this book. Looking forward to it.

Gleem TP
Drawn and Quarterly
Written by Freddy Carrasco
Art by Carrasco
Cover Art by Carrasco

Original Graphic Novel

Enter a future of defiant vitality in GLEEM

Imbued with cyberpunk attitude and in the rebellious tradition of afrofuturism, GLEEM is drawn with a fierce momentum hurtling towards a future world. Carrasco’s distinct cinematic style layers detailed panels and spreads, creating a multiplicity of perspectives, at once dizzying and hypnotic. Vignettes unspool in proximity to our own social realities and expand into the outer layers of possibility. Whether in the club or a robot repair workshop, the characters in these three interconnected stories burst across frames until they practically step off the page.

A boy becomes bored at church with his grandmother until he tries a psychedelic drug. A group of friends are told that they need a rare battery if they want any chance of reviving their friend. Street style and cybernetics meet and burst into riotous dancing. Kindness and violence might not be as distant from each other as we think. GLEEM unsettles with a confidence that could make you believe in anything.

Trade Paperback – 216 pages – $29.95

Release Date: April 10, 2024

PCS NOTES: This looks like another must read from D&Q

The Horror HC
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Lars Jacobson
Art by Eduardo Francisco
Cover Art by Francisco

Original Graphic Novel

Travel with Kurtz and his family as they enter the “heart of darkness” on a humanitarian mission for Belgian King Leopold’s Congo Free State, opening a trading post in the uncharted interior of the Congo jungle to promote free markets and end slavery.

With the help of a local tribe, they establish the post, but to survive in this lawless jungle, they must contend with murderous slave traders from Zanzibar, corrupt Belgian officials, evil imperialists, psychotic explorers, and cannibalistic tribes. Along the way, however, they encounter a primordial evil whose origins and mythology date back to the womb of civilization, perverting minds and corrupting souls while preying on the worst instincts of mankind. The locals speak of this insidious evil in fearful whispers, calling it, “The Horror.”

The Horror provides a prequel to Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”, exploring the origins of one of the most enigmatic characters in storytelling while examining one of the worst atrocities and humanitarian disasters ever recorded.

Hardcover – 104 pages – $24.99 – Case Bound

Release Date: April 10, 2024

PCS NOTES: This is a very interesting premise.

Tomorrow the Birds TP
Ablaze Publishing
Written by Osamu Tezuka
Art by Tezuka
Cover Art by Tezuka

Original Graphic Novel

A fatal fire in the countryside escalates into incineration of cities by swarms of pyromaniac magpies. An avian leader with psychic power demands a brutal reduction in the human population. Homo sapiens descends into a subservient role but manages to land some counterpunches. The birds’ quest for equality is derailed by conflict between carnivorous species and those that eat insects.

What jump-started the wild leap in ornithological evolution? What will be the fate of humans?

Trade Paperback – 324 pages – $14.99 – Perfect Bound

Release Date: April 10, 2024

PCS NOTES: This is intriguing and we are here for manga from Ablaze Publishing.