With Further Ado #290: SXSW 2024 Reactions Part 2- Flatstock

It was my second time at that business/start-up/technology + music convention, SXSW. I’ve been describing this festival-convention to folks as San Diego Comic-Con without the comics.

During the second half of the show, they have a portion of their exhibit floor focused on the total creativity that is Flatstock 92. It’s a true event-within-an-event.

Here’s the official description:

Flatstock is an art exhibition of the world’s most influential and exceptional gig poster artists, featuring handmade, limited-edition posters from artists around the globe. The show features an incredible range of visual styles, techniques and colors for sale by the talented artists who created them.

I love these posters, but I focused my purchases on stickers from the artists rather than the posters per se.

As I joked last year, if “a picture tells a thousand words”, this column may become longer than War and Peace and Don Quixote. I’m going to let these amazing poster artists do the heavy lifting for the rest of this With Further Ado column.

And hey, if you need more, or links to the artists, you can find it all here.