DSTLRY Unveils Variant Covers for New Number Twos for Gone and Somna

DSTLRY is one of the newest comic publishers and also currently one of the most interesting. With a Hall of Fame caliber lineup of creators, DSTLRY has set up an impressive slate of new titles. The first issues of both Jock’s Gone and Somna, by Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay, published in the last couple of months were impressive debuts, and Blasfamous, Mirka Andolfo’s production, is right around the corner.

Just released are the covers for issue number two for Gone and Somna. Both are available for pre-order at your local comic shop or from the publisher. The issues will be released next month in January 2024. Retailers will have a final cut off of orders next week. Check out the covers and solicitations for Gone #2 and Somna #2 below:

Gone #2

Original Solicitation:

It’s been fifteen years since we last saw ABI—a frightened 13-year-old stowaway on a spaceship bound for distant stars… Now nearly 30, Abi is not only still roaming the galaxy, but is a self-assured—and deeply scarred—veteran of an intergalactic war! Beautifully written and drawn by JOCK — Eisner Award winning artist of SNOW ANGELS & BATMAN: ONE DARK KNIGHTGONE is in an action-packed sci-fi adventure where a young heroine has grown into a war-weary spacefarer who still dreams of one elusive goal…. getting home.


• Cover A – Jock; Open Order
• Cover B – Jock; Open Order
• Cover C – Lee Garbett; 1:10 Incentive Variant
• Cover D – Oliver Barrett; 1:25 Incentive Variant
• Cover E – Matt Taylor; 1:50 Incentive Variant
• Cover F – Jamie McKelvie; Open Order FOC Variant

Somna #2

Original Solicitation:

Set amidst the terrifying backdrop of the witch hunts in a quiet 1600s English village, SOMNA follows one woman’s erotic escape from the confines of her puritanical world. No one is above suspicion when the relentless Witch Hunter Roland draws his net around someone close to him as this darkly sexual thriller races towards its gripping conclusion!

From the masterful minds of Becky Cloonan (BY CHANCE OR PROVIDENCE) and Tula Lotay (BARNSTORMERS) comes an intoxicating blend of history, eroticism, and the supernatural. This series will transport readers to a world where passion and spirits intertwine, captivating your senses to leave you craving more.


• Cover A – Tula Lotay; Open Order
• Cover B – Becky Cloonan; Open Order
• Cover C – Emily Carroll; 1:10 Incentive Variant
• Cover D – Julian Totino Tedesco; 1:25 Incentive Variant
• Cover E – Dani; 1:50 Incentive Variant
• Cover F – Christian Ward; Open Order FOC Variant
• Cover G – Tula Lotay; Open Order Polybagged Erotic Variant


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