With Further Ado #269: Tripwire Turns 30 and Is Going to NYCC

As a comics fan, I loved reading the comics and I also loved reading about comics and the whole industry. The Comics Reader and The Buyers Guide for Comic Fandom were two of my favorite publications. I also loved Comics Interview, Amazing Heroes and Comics Feature. In the 90s, I was great friends with the Wizard Magazine folks. That particular rocket ride was more like a movement, or a revolt, than just a magazine.

And today – I’m very involved with TwoMorrows publications like Back Issue Magazine and RetroFan Magazine.

So is it any wonder that I’m a big fan of Joel Meadows and Tripwire Magazine.

Tripwire was founded back in 1992 and it is the preeminent UK comics and genre publication (with a home on the web and in print) quarterly magazine. But now as comics journalism has changed over the past thirty years, how do you cover the worlds of comics and genre while playing to the strengths of the format that you cover them in- online and print? Is there still even a place for covering this sector in print?

I’m excited to be moderating the Tripwire Panel at New York Comic Con. It’s called Tripwire and Over 30 years of Comics Journalism and is scheduled for Thursday in room 406.1 in the Javits Center, at 10:45 am on Oct 12, 2023.

The Panelists include publisher Joel Meadows, Andy Coleman, Dan Berry and Forbes Magazine’s Rob Salkowitz. More details are available at www.newyorkcomiccon.com.

And Bob Harrison had a fantastic interview with Joel Meadows herehere too!

See you at New York Comic Con!