Comics Crowdfunding Campaigns Ending Soon: Catskin and the Rose, Hope, Triggergirl 6, Billy Dogma, and Spider-Squirrel & Trash Panda

We are back with a new comics crowdfunding support post. The projects on this list are coming to a close this week and are worthy of our support.

Kickstarter is a platform available at where creative individuals have the ability to design and run a crowdfunding campaign. The concept is that individuals pledge to support the project, and if the project reaches the planned goal of pledge money in the time that campaign is running, then the project will get made. There are usually many various tiers of backer pledges, and different pledge levels come with different backer reward items. It is a fantastic way for creators to fund the projects that they love and want to create while getting new interesting things into the world.

The campaigns we highlighted for this week are in various states of funding. Some are fully funded and into the state of trying to hit stretch goals that come with even more cool stuff for backers, and some are still in need of backers to hit their goal and get their project made.

Some of these projects are being run by well established entities and others are entries by much smaller and newer creators. All the campaigns have been chosen because we want them to succeed, and because we see something special in the product.

The projects are listed below in chronological order of the end of the campaign. So, the ones that end soonest come first. Make sure you click on the Campaign Links for each campaign to get all the detailed info about the rewards and creators. We feel there is something for everyone on this list. Enjoy!

The Catstkin and the Rose
Hope #1-4
Triggergirl 6
Billy Dogma
Spider-Squirrel & Trash Panda

The Catskin and the Rose – A Graphic Novella
A Sapphic Adventure/Romance. Two legendary duelists fight to the death in a tournament, but catch feelings while crossing swords.

Ending: Thu, August 10 2023 12:00 PM EDT.

Campaign Link

PCS Thoughts: We are fans of Wells Thompson comics and this project looks terrific. The art and story seem compelling, and the cover options by Fell Hound and Skylar Patridge are both stunning. 

From the Campaign:

The Catskin and the Rose is a 68 page adventure/romance comic about discovering love in unexpected places, making sacrifices, and fighting for what’s important in your life. It’s an incredibly sapphic graphic novella that features some of the best queer indie comic artists in the world! Think Princess Bride meets Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Iselda has trained her entire life for this moment: The Grand Tournament of Ascension, where the winner marries into the royal family no matter their status. It’s the one shot she has to escape poverty and make something of her life, and the only thing standing in her way is Camille, the foreigner. As the two finalists cross swords, they gain a respect for each other and eventually…oh no.

With thousands looking on in a massive stadium, the two discover an intimacy neither has ever experienced. It’s exhilarating, but the only way one is leaving this fight is if they kill the other; otherwise, both will be put to the sword. Will one spur the other and gain untold riches, or will they both defy an empire and live to the fullest with each other for however long that lasts? Back this book to find out!


Surviving the Frozen Unknown: Power Crisis, Plague, and Predators in a Neo-Western Alaskan Horror Saga

Ending: Thu, August 10 2023 12:07 PM EDT.

Campaign Link

PCS Thoughts: Justin Gray is a Kickstarter veteran putting out consistently high quality comic storytelling. This is a campaign we are happy to get behind.

From the Campaign:

“Venture into a world where an alien parasite has redefined life as we know it, and the last bastion of humanity fights for survival in the frozen wilderness of Alaska.”  

Twenty years have passed since the alien parasite first descended upon us, altering life as we knew it. Human civilization was pushed to the brink of extinction, but a handful of survivors found refuge in a remote corner of Alaska. Their sanctuary, a solitary apartment building, stands tall amidst the icy wilderness, a beacon of human resilience. Known as the Tower, it represents one of the last human strongholds on a planet where we are no longer the top of the food chain. HOPE is an exploration of survival, of the human spirit’s resilience, and the blurred lines between fear and embracing of the unknown.

Within the chilling silence of the Alaskan wilds these survivors wage a daily war for existence. Outside, a world teeming with grotesque hybrids lies in wait, while inside, the complexities of human interaction and survival politics add a rich layer to their struggle.

By supporting our Kickstarter campaign, you’re not only helping to bring the next two issues of HOPE to life, but you’re also contributing to the growth of an incredible, immersive universe. With your help, we can keep the riveting saga of HOPE alive, sharing its potent blend of stunning artwork and engaging storytelling with fans of sci-fi, survival, horror!

Written by Justin Gray. Illustrated by Branko Jovanovic with cover’s by Branko and colors by Thyago Brandao and design by Benny Lava.

TRIGGERGIRL 6: JUSTICE – by Palmiotti, Santacruz and Conner
A two issue, action packed ADULT comic by Jimmy Palmiotti, Juan Santacruz, Amanda Conner, and more.

Ending: Fri, August 11 2023 8:59 AM EDT

Campaign Link

PCS Thoughts: Paper Films is a fantastic independent and dependable comic company utilizing the Kickstarter crowdfunding structure. The books they put out are consistently high quality in terms of art and storytelling and production value. Hurry up before it is too late on this one. 

From the Campaign:

Triggergirl 6 makes her dramatic return to the comic pages in this action-packed, sexy, and over-the-top adult two-issue tale. Now all of you can be part of the excitement.


With the latest campaign, we return to one of our favorite creations, TRIGGERGIRL 6! Launching now is TRIGGERGIRL 6: JUSTICE a 70-page total adventure told in a TWO-ISSUE epic story from the creative team of JIMMY PALMIOTTI, artist JUAN SANTACRUZ, chapter title pages by AMANDA CONNER, superstar letterer DAVE SHARPE, and designer extraordinaire JOHN J. HILL, who team up to present an action-packed adventure of TRIGGERGIRL 6 as she deals with a future where animals are able to communicate with humans and their main advocate is a genetically created warrior named Triggergirl 6 – who embarks on an adventure filled with high stakes, high drama, romance, sexual themes, and TONS of action making this a Mature Audience title.

This campaign features both issues of TRIGGERGIRL 6: JUSTICE (Issues #1 & Issue #2). Each title will contain a series of standard and variant covers for all the fans and collectors out there!


Triggergirl 6 is the story of an assassin that was created in a lab by the most brilliant minds in the animal world by using a mix of animal and human DNA, created to protect her architects from their worst enemy: mankind.

Our story begins with action as Triggergirl 6 breaks up a ring of rare animal smugglers who serve the unknowing creatures to wealthy clients for the thrill of having a last meal. After getting some help, the organization she works for realizes she needs some downtime and sends her away on a vacation that is anything but relaxing as a hired assassin is sent to take her out. Things go from bad to worse as the team sent to monitor gets attacked and the lone survivor joins forces to turn the tables on the people out to get her. This story spans a few weeks’ time and takes our characters from the Canadian Rockies all the way south to the Florida Keys as we learn more about the mysterious woman known simply as Triggergirl 6.

Reminder: This is a mature audience title (nudity, adult themes, and more), you’ll thank me later!

A psycho-sexual Dean Haspiel deep cut!

Ending: Fri, August 11 2023 12:00 PM EDT

Campaign Link

PCS Thoughts: Dean Haspiel has embraced the crowdfunding model and returns to his independent roots with this latest campaign. This book promises to be a fantastic addition to anyone’s library. He has done a great job with providing a streamlined rewards list. Make sure to check this campaign out.

From the Campaign:

This oversized comic book offers 48 pages of erotic comix noir.

BILLY DOGMA and JANE LEGIT is a comic book for mature readers by Ringo Award and Emmy Award-winning cartoonist Dean Haspiel, the creator of The Red Hook and Covid Cop.

In 1995 I created Billy Dogma. It was semi-inspired by E.C. Segar’s POPEYE, Frank Miller’s SIN CITY, and Golden Age actor Spencer Tracy.

Where COVID COP is a hardboiled love story hiding inside a pandemic-spawned dystopian horror, BILLY DOGMA is a psychedelic romance gone galactic between a dumb-luck bruiser and his knock-em-dead dame.

Billy Dogma has enjoyed a sordid publishing history; starting out in a Lower East Side NYC newspaper, to having his own series and one-shots, to being part of a couple of two-man anthologies, a webcomic series and collections. Recently, Billy Dogma was a regular feature in the Image Comics 30th Anniversary anthology celebration.

As much as I’ve been honored to get the chance to write and draw Marvel, DC and Archie comics characters like Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Deadpool, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Wildcat, The Fox, and many others, nothing beats producing creator-owned comix. So, whenever I’m between paying jobs, I like to dive back into one of my own characters and explore their next adventure.

In “I Will Break You But I Won’t Kill You Because I Need You,” the insanity of Billy Dogma and Jane Legit’s love affair comes to a crossroads when Billy realizes they must find a better way to love or Trip City will burn under the fever of their romantic touch. And with psycho-sexual vignettes like “Bring Me The Heart of Billy Dogma,” “Sunflower Kisses,” “The Last Romantic Antihero,” “Wet Dreams,” and “Sex Planet,” plus a brand new story, this oversized comic book offers 48 pages of erotic comix noir.

Special Note: We spoke with campaign creator on the Pop Culture SquadCast – Live last week. Check out the conversation which starts at about the one hour mark in this embedded YouTube Video.

The Spider-Squirrel & Trash Panda Titan-sized Special!
The Dysfunctional Duo™ is BACK! This titanic one-shot has a NEW 24pg SS/TP story + several shorts from across the Xion Universe!

Ending: Fri, August 11 2023 10:00 PM EDT.

Campaign Link

PCS Thoughts: This comic universe is jam packed full of interesting characters and amazing creator contributions. Don’t pass up the chance to get in on this campaign. There is something for everyone in the reward list. 

From the Campaign:

These two are bringing back the BWAHAHAHA comics in this action-packed, buddy-cop, comedy superhero adventure series.

Spider-Squirrel & Trash Panda are two parts of our beloved Dysfunctional Duo™ here for our FIFTH Kickstarter campaign together! This campaign is for our first-ever Titan-Sized Special, and features a 24pg main story, and at least 6 new stories from across the Xion Universe!


Xion Studios is back with another joint for your entertainment!! This time we’re bringing you our first TITAN-SIZED SPECIAL featuring over 80 pages of storytelling fun from across the Xion Universe. With our planned Stretch Goals, this special will be 100 pages in its final configuration!

Spider-Squirrel & Trash Panda are BFFs, dorm-mates, and superheroic crimefighting buddies. That is, when they’re not arguing over pizza toppings, trying to score dates in a night club, or eating burritos…

This series is all about having fun with superheroes. Sure, we’ll get serious occasionally, but if you just want to laugh, or roll your eyes, or guffaw, or just enjoy your comics, this is perfect for you. Heck you should try it anyway! Okay, so here’s some more about this specific campaign

Our Dysfunctional Duo™ bounce back after their adventures across the Indieverse from Volume One (available in this campaign) and try to get some R&R but after an awkward moment one morning, Spider-Squirrel takes off to fight supervillains at the shipping port while Trash Panda… goes shopping?? This 24-pg story leads off this Special!