Special SquadCast Interview with Geezer Creators Philip Bond and Will Potter

We are great supporters of independent and, especially, crowdfunded comics. One of the best individual new comics that we read last year was Geezer #1, which was funded on Kickstarter and published by Off Register Press.

Geezer tells the story of the almost remembered and not quite successful Britpop band Geezer. It is brilliant concept that writer Will Potter and artist Philip Bond have rendered into a uniquely sized comic book. The misadventures of this imaginary band dovetail perfectly with real life events and style choices that put the story squarely in the timeline of the height of popularity of real bands like Blur and Oasis. There is a terrific cast of characters and Bond’s visually artistry is magnificently displayed in a seven inch square format to match the size of vinyl record single.

Issue number two of this series, which expected to be a five-issue event, is nearing the end of its crowdfunding run on Kickstarter. We had the opportunity to talk to both Will and Philip about the project. There are some fantastic stories in this SquadCast about the origins of the project and what they hope for the future of the series.

The campaign ends noon Eastern Daylight Time on Saturday April 15th. That is plenty of time to back this project and listen to this fun interview with a great pair of blokes. We hope you enjoy the conversation and check below to see more about the campaign.

Cheap thrills, dodgy pills, and unexpected trysts as Britpop washouts GEEZER go Stateside.


Ending: Sat, April 15, 2023 12:00 PM EST.

From the Campaign:

In the feisty follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut, the UK’s biggest Britpop also-rans, Geezer, get lost in the USA where they’re appreciated even less. On a Stateside tour to forget, ‘London’ Geezer grin and bare all in support of their arch-rivals Clobber. College towns and trousers down, singer Martin Bland flies the flag for beer and fags, losing his marbles and dignity on the highway. With Geezer’s ladette drummer Jess flirting with the opposition, Martin is green with envy and dodgy pills.

Plus! Revisit Geezer’s early struggles, ligging at Syndrome, audience-baiting at the Bull and Gate, all-star cameos, tequila slammers, and unexpected trysts.

For those who listened to the interview, below is the page that we referenced from Geezer #1 in the conversation. Zoom in for the details.

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  1. Loved this post – heress my feedback –
    cords, which is a fitting nod to the musical theme of the comic. We were thoroughly entertained by Geezer and are excited to see what else Off Register Press has in store for us. The success of this crowdfunded comic is a testament to the power of independent publishing and the creativity of the comic book community. Keep up the great work!
    Thanks for reading , Love The Blog !!