Special Live SquadCast: Women in Comics History – Part 4 – A Pair of Wonderful Women

The final episode of our special live SquadCasts celebrating Women’s History Month happens tonight at 8:00PM Eastern. We are lucky to be able to bring together two amazing comics creators.  These women are fantastic and super important to comics. One of the things that I usually say about comic professionals that have made a mark is that you can’t tell the story of comics without this person or that person. That is certainly the case with both of these women, but humanity is better for these women for having participated in it.

Our Guests:

Trina Robbins:
Photo by Jessica Chritianson

Cartoonist, Artist, Writer, Editor, Business Owner, Advocate, Clothier, Stylist, Historian, Icon. Pick an adjective and Trina has done it. She began her comic career in the underground comix movement and was a foundational element in empowering women cartoonists in that realm. She co-produced It Ain’t me Babe Comics (The first all woman comic) and helped to found the Wimmen’s Comix anthology series. She was the first woman to be the credited artist on a Wonder Woman titled comic by DC in the wonderful Legend of Wonder Woman in 1986. She has spent a great deal of her career dedicated to celebrating women in comic history as creators and characters. Oh, by the way she designed Vampirella’s costume. I could go on and on about her accomplishments. She is an inspiration.

Mindy Newell:

Mindy is a comics writer and editor. Among her many accomplishments, she is the first woman to be the writer of the main Wonder Woman title. She has written for DC titles Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Legion of Super Heroes, Action Comics, Amethyst, Lois Lane and more. She has also written for Marvel, Eclipse, and First comics. Her career has been marked with important storytelling aimed at empowering and highlighting women in the world.

You can follow along with conversation in the imbedded video below when it goes live or watch and comment on our YouTube or Facebook  channels.

Thank you everyone for tuning in to this series and interacting with our guests. We have been fortunate to have so many amazing women agree to talk with us during the month. One of the most important themes that came out of these talks is that people who make comic books love comic books. They love the medium and the stories that are found within it. If you want to rewatch any of the SquadCasts, you can find them on the History Lessons / Women’s History Month tab in the site’s menu bar.

Thank you to all our guests: Heather Antos, Shelly Bond, June Brigman, Cecil Castellucci, Janice Chiang, Becky Cloonan, Jan Duursema, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Mindy Newell, Trina Robbins, Diana Schutz, and Marley Zarcone