Special Live SquadCast: Women in Comics History – Part 2 – Letters to the Editors

Part 2: Letters to the Editors

Welcome to the second of our series of Live Broadcasts celebrating Women’s History Month. We will be bringing you a different group of women creators and professionals each week to talk about their experiences, as well as their inspirations and hopes for the comics industry.

This week’s broadcast has a group of women who have curated some of the best comics of the last thirty years. They are best known for editing comics from Grendel to Fables to Bitter Root. There impact on the industry is massive and we are excited to have them on the show.

Our Guests

Heather Antos. Heather began her career at Marvel Comics and worked her way up the editorial ranks. She has also been a Senior Editor for Valiant Entertainment and is now at IDW Publishing. She has co-created the character Gwenpool for Marvel, and in her freelance editing work she has help bring us books like Redlands and Bitter Root.

Shelly Bond. Shelly began her career in comics at Comico and spent twenty-two and a half years at DC Comics at the Vertigo imprint.  She served as Executive Editor of Vertigo from 2013-2016. She then founded and ran the Black Crown imprint at IDW Publishing. Her work curating comics stories continues through Off Register Press that she runs with her husband. She also is the author of the critically acclaimed Filth & Grammar: The Comic Editor’s (Secret) Handbook.

Diana Schutz. Diana is an award-winning editor who began working in comics in 1978. After editorial stints at both Marvel Comics and Comico, she became senior executive editor at Dark Horse Comics. At Dark Horse she worked on books like: Sin City, 300, Grendel, Usagi Yojimbo, American Splendor, and Beanworld. She is also an adjunct instructor of Comics Studies at Portland State University, a published author of both comics and prose, and the first woman to be inducted into the Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame.


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