Special Live SquadCast: Women in Comics History – Part 1 – Legendary Ladies of Comics

Welcome to the first of our series of Live Broadcasts celebrating Women’s History Month. We will be bringing you a different group of women creators and professionals each week to talk about their experiences, as well as their inspirations and hopes for the comics industry.

Our first group of women helped to create the backdrop for many a young person growing up in the 1980s and beyond. They are masters in their craft and continue to excel while showing the younger generations how it is done.

Our Guests

June Brigman. Artist, Teacher. June co-created Power Pack with Louise Simonson for Marvel Comics. She has been the artist and writer on the Brenda Starr and Mary Worth comic strips. She also co-created the recent Ahoy Comics series Captain Ginger. She has been a teacher at Savannah College of Art & Design, Kennesaw State University, and the Joe Kubert School.

Janice Chiang. Letterer. Janice is an exquisite letterer. Her career began in the mid 70s at Marvel. She has worked on titles like Squadron Supreme, Dazzler, The Defenders and so much more for Marvel. She also worked for DC Comics, and did work on Starslayer for First Comics among others. She did extensive work for Milestone Comics, and recently lettered the award winning Superman Smashes the Klan and The Monkey Prince. She is also currently the primary letterer for Storm King Comics.

Jan Duursema. Artist, Teacher. As member of a group of Kubert School graduates that took the 80s by storm, Jan is a comic artist who co-created Arion, Lord of Atlantis at DC Comics. She is also well-known for long runs on X-Factor for Marvel and Star Wars Legacy for Dark Horse Comics. Her recently released creator owned graphic novel Hexer Dusk is a beautiful example of her talent. She is currently a renowned instructor at the Kubert School, teaching the next generations of comic professionals the tools of the trade.


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