With Further Ado #238: Pippi to Ripley

Katharine Kittredge is one of those people who inspires me. Wait, that’s not right, she’s one of those people who inspires everyone she meets. She’s smart, passionate and a fearless warrior. More than that, she’s quick with a smile and loves hockey. What’s not to like?

Her title is Professor, Literatures in English at Ithaca College and she is an expert at Eighteenth Century British Literature, Children’s Literature, Science Fiction and Gender Studies. She is also the editor of Lewd and Notorious: Female Transgression in the Eighteenth Century and the author of numerous articles on the work of Melesina Trench.

She paved the way for me teach the ITHACON course (more on the 2023 version of that soon) and now focuses her time on things like the Pippi to Ripley conference.

Here’s the official background on this impressive conference.

2023: Pippi to Ripley 6
Gender, Sexuality and Popular Culture

Since 2011, Pippi to Ripley has been a unique academic conference bringing together the work of scholars, graduate students, librarians, high school teachers and undergraduates. We feature scholarship on gender and/or sexuality in popular culture from all countries and time periods, including children’s literature, comics, science fiction, fairytales, music, gaming, films, television, and social media.

The keynote speaker this year is Michelle Ann Abate. And again, here’s the official copy for her:

Professor Michelle Ann Abate, Ohio State University, is a respected scholar in the fields of children’s literature, comics, and queer studies. She is the author of six books, and the co-editor of four more. Among her recent titles are No Kids Allowed: Children’s Literature for Adults (Johns Hopkins University, 2020); Funny Girls: Guffaws, Guts, and Gender in Classic American Comics (University Press of Mississippi, 2019), and The Big Smallness: Niche Marketing, the American Culture Wars, and the New Children’s Literature (Routledge, 2016).

Registration is now open for all participants. The conference runs from April 21 – April 22. The $35 fee includes meals for both days and a Saturday evening reception. And there is even an option for those who wish to present virtually.

Pippi to Ripley dovetails nicely with ITHACON’s timing this year. I’m hoping we can lure the Pippi to Ripley folks over to ITHACON on Saturday, after they’ve wrapped it all up.

And I’m so proud to be a participant in it. My presentation will be focusing on my recent studies into Marvel’s (mostly misguided) Feminist Character, Thundra.

Kudos (in advance) to Katharine Kittredge for what looks to be another outstanding conference. More details here! And $35 for two days of food in Ithaca, NY? Wow – that is really something too!