Spotlight SquadCast Interview with Cartoonist Leeanne Krecic

We were very excited to talk to our latest guest. Cartoonist Leeanne Krecic, creator of the worldwide hit webcomic series Let’s Play, sat down for a discussion about her comic making craft and what she is currently working on.

Let’s Play, a romance webcomic that has 4.8 million subscribers and over half a billion views on Webtoon, is Leeanne’s most well-known work. It is a super engaging story with wonderful, and relatable characters.

Leeanne has just launched a Kickstarter to make a video game based on the characters from Let’s Play called Everdate. It funded in less than three hours and is barging through stretch goals. We talked about the game and what backers can expect from the results of the campaign.

As is typical with most comic creators, Leeanne’s journey to comic success is unique and interesting. We talked about her journey and the challenges that she overcame.

We are really happy that we had the opportunity to talk to Leeanne about her comic, life, and the game.

We hope you enjoy the SquadCast below, and don’t forget to check out the campaign information for Everdate – Let’s Play: The Dating Game.

Everdate – Let’s Play: The Dating Game
Coming soon from Mongie Studios!

Campaign Link:

Ending: Thu, March 16 2023 3:00 PM EDT

PCS Notes: This game looks amazing for both fans of the comic and newcomers. We highly encourage you to check out the campaign site. There are lots of animations and a couple of videos to give you even more about what to expect from this project. 

From the Campaign:

EVERDATE™ is a unique, single-player dating sim that combines elements from your favorite visual novels and Collectable Card Games! Set in the world of the mega-hit Let’s Play webcomic series, fans can play as their favorite characters and pursue the romance of their dreams…one date at a time.

The game aims to charm and win over different characters by creating the perfect date that aligns with their interests and preferences. Players must use thoughtful and careful planning to win the hearts of the characters they pursue. The game features a variety of locations, activities, and items that players can utilize to create unique and personalized dating experiences. As players advance through the game, they will unlock new cards and options, allowing them to make more elaborate and captivating dates.

EVERDATE: The Let’s Play Dating Game is a funny, sexy, and all-too-real game about life, dating, and social anxiety.