Spotlight SquadCast Interview and Review with Fell Hound about And We Love You

Getting an opportunity to talk with veteran comic creators is definitely one of the exciting parts of this job, but talking with up-and-coming, newer creators is equally rewarding. In the latest episode of the Pop Culture SquadCast, we spoke with Fell Hound about her upcoming graphic novel And We Love You.

This book, which will be published this month from Scout Comics, is the second book in the universe of Commander Rao. Her first book generated Ringo Award nominations, and both of them started as crowdfunded projects on Kickstarter and were subsequently picked up for widespread release by Scout.

And We Love You is a prequel to Commander Rao, and it takes place about ten years before the first story. As you will hear in the conversation with Fell, I was absolutely blown away by this comic. It is full of emotion and poignant scenes.

It was great getting a chance to talk to Fell about this excellent book.

We hope you enjoy the SquadCast below as well as our review of the book and some preview pages:


And We Love You
Scout Comics
Written by Fell Hound
Art by Fell Hound
Letters by Lucas Gattoni
Cover Art by Angela Wu

Original Solicitation:

In the throes of a violent dystopian war, a young soldier perishes on the battlefield and begins to bleed out all her memories. Mixing heart wrenching emotions with stunningly gripping visuals, this is the tale of one woman’s life, death, and the love which transcends both. A brand new epic from the world of the Ringo-nominated Commander Rao!

PCS Review:

“Heartbreakingly Beautiful” is the best short description that I can come up with do accurately put my feelings about this book into words. This is a love story with underlying tragedy. As with most excellent comic stories, the art in this book is captivatingly stunning. As the narrative unfolds and the reader discovers what they actually are seeing, feelings of desperation and sadness are hard to put aside. Fell takes full advantage of the medium and uses color in dramatic and important ways to enhance the storytelling.

Lucas Gattoni does a fantastic job lettering this book, particularly in the action sequences. He adds a audible quality to the battle scenes with the sound effects on the pages.

Make sure you find a way to get yourself a copy of this book. It will break your heart.

Enjoy this short preview of the book which includes all three covers. The first primary cover by Angela Wu, the variant cover by Skylar Patridge, and the original Kickstarter cover by Fell Hound.