Preview Reviews for 1/25/23: Archie VS The World #1 & Bulls of Beacon Hill #1

Welcome to the latest installment of Preview Reviews.

This week we have a couple of New Number Ones for you. We were able to review Archie VS The World #1 from Archie Comics and Bulls of Beacon Hill #1 from AfterShock Comics.

You can find this book at your LCS or wherever you buy books on January 25, 2023.

Also the rest of the #NewNumberOnes for January are here.

Archie VS The World #1
Archie Comics
Written by Aubrey Sitterson
Art by Jed Dougherty
Colors by Matt Herms & Doug Garbark
Letters by Jack Morelli
Cover Art by Dougherty

Original Solicitation:

In a post-apocalyptic future, our hero Archie Andrews is cursed to walk the world alone-well, alone with his souped-up jalopy. But Archie can defend himself-in fact, he’s the master of a brutal, deadly form of martial arts and must use his skills when he comes face-to-face with his rival and evil mirror image, Reggie. This action-packed one-shot is equal parts Mad Max: Fury Road and The Fist of the North Star, and reunites the Jughead the Burgarian team from 2022’s smash-hit comic THE BEST ARCHIE COMIC EVER!

PCS Review:

This is unlike any Archie comic that you have ever read but also very much like every Archie comic that you have read. Aubrey Sitterson brings his unique sensibilities to a classic franchise and reinvents it to make it accessible to both new and established fans. This book a rip-roaring trip that would not be possible without the line art of Jed Dougherty. His altered vision designs for the Riverdale gang in the altered dystopian future are brilliant. Herms and Garbark set the perfect tone of desperation with the color work, and Jack Morelli on letters is a pro’s pro. This book was absolutely a hoot, and it left me wanting more. I want more!!

Bulls of Beacon Hill #1
AfterShock Comics
Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Andy MacDonald
Colors by Lorenzo Scaramella
Letters by Carlos M. Mangual
Cover Art by MacDonald & Scaramella

Original Solicitation:

The team behind Justice League of America reunites for some HARD-HITTING REVENGE!

Doctor Christopher Boldt has everything he ever wanted: A successful career as a surgeon, a supportive and loving boyfriend, and an overload of hype on his rumored run for Boston City Council. But there’s one problem – it’s all held up by a lie. For years, Chris has been hiding in plain sight, desperate not to be connected to his father, Orin Paige, one of Boston’s most notorious gangsters.

Until now, Chris has been able to live with the secret. And Chris’s father has been just as happy to deny any connection to his queer son, who he sees as a liability in the mob world. Now, Chris’s political aspirations have put father and son on a collision course. A collision course bathed in blood.

From Eisner and GLAAD Award-Nominated writer Steve Orlando (Extreme Carnage, Midnighter, Darkhold, KILL A MAN) and artist Andy MacDonald (Rogue Planet, Loki, MY DATE WITH MONSTERS, I BREATHED A BODY), comes BULLS OF BEACON HILL, a story of family secrets and violent retribution.

PCS Review:

I have been anticipating this book for almost six months. When I opened the front cover and saw the first splash page, I knew my wait would be rewarded. The opening page is filled with beautiful art and that continues on every page. This pages in this book are masterfully laid out and illustrated. Andy MacDonald tells a fantastic story with the facial acting in this first issue. Steve Orlando is a gifted writer and has produced some excellent comics, but this may be my favorite example of his dialogue that I have read. The character interactions feel authentic and true. The characters are interesting, and I hope to be able to spend a lot of time with them. Unfortunately, the tone of this book intimates that tragedy is coming. I hope I am wrong. This is a wonderfully crafted first issue of what I expect to be a stellar series. Get this book now. You won’t regret it.