Spotlight Squadcast Interview with Michael Nathanson

We are roaring back into the new year with more exclusive Pop Culture Squadcast interviews. This latest episode was recorded last month while we were at LA Comic Con. The folks there were able to connect us with this opportunity for an exclusive one-on-one interview.

Actor Michael Nathanson has recently launched a unique and interesting podcast called Playing Dead, and he was gracious enough to spend some time with us talking about the project. We discussed the origins of the concept and some of the interesting things he learned through the process.

The concept for this podcast is that Nathanson, who played Sam Stein in Marvel’s The Punisher on Netflix, spends time talking to actors and other film professionals about the experience and mechanics of dying on-screen. It is a great concept, and the interviews are extremely well crafted and executed.

Nathanson is a very talented actor who has been in dozens of roles in TV and Film. In addition to his main cast role on Season 1 of The Punisher, he was also a major part of the Cinemax series The Knick as Dr. Levi Zinberg. He has appeared in films such as Young Adult, Side Effects, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Our conversation, while focusing on Playing Dead, also veered into the realm of Geekdom. Nathanson grew up reading comic books and loving sci-fi. We nerded out a little bit, and I hope you enjoy the conversation.

You can find Playing Dead with Michael Nathanson at Lionsgate Sound. It is also streaming on all major podcast delivery platforms. The first seven episodes are now available for listening. The podcast is described by the publisher this way:

Actor Michael Nathanson (the late Agent Sam Stein on Netflix’s “Marvel’s The Punisher”) explores the deaths (and lives) of television and film’s most iconic characters in this interview podcast. “Playing Dead” features actors and creators who share their first-hand experience of what it’s really like to bring life, and subsequently death, to these quintessential roles. This one-of-a kind podcast is a mashup of the celebration of geekdom, and the eulogy the actors never were able to give for their legendary characters. Our favorite characters never really die, they live in the hearts and minds of fans for generations to come. And as they say in the comic world, you’re never truly dead.

We embedded the two-minute trailer of the podcast below. Check it out.

You can follow Michael on Twitter at @m_nathanson1

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