Superman Is Going to Congress

As the current House of Representatives chaos continues, comic fans have a very niche reason to look forward to the conclusion of the seemingly endless stream of votes for the next Speaker of the House. Thanks to freshman congressman Robert Garcia of California, there will be finally be some quality reading material in the House of Representatives chamber.

As most people should know, Members of Congress swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution upon being seated. That oath can be sworn on whatever the member deems important to them. Most choose a bible or other type of religious book, but Mr. Garcia has finagled quite the prize for him to swear in on.

Through a loan with the Library of Congress. He will swear on a vintage copy of Superman #1 from 1939 along with a photo of his late parents and his American citizenship certificate. Garcia is an avowed comic nerd and grew up reading Superman comics. When asked about his choice for using the comic to swear in on, he responded:

I’ve read almost all genres, but Superman is always the character that stood out and spoke to me the most. I grew up mostly reading Superman comics, you know, truth and justice, an immigrant that was different, was raised by good people that welcomed them and always someone that if you look at Superman values, and caucus values, it’s about justice, it’s about honesty, it’s doing the right thing, standing up for people that need support.

This is a very cool thing. I respect the Congressman for using the access to the Library of Congress for the really important aspects of it’s vast catalog. It is enough to almost make me consider running for Congress. Just imagine the rare finds that you can get your hands on in that massive collection.


Source: BuzzFeed News via Yahoo! News.