With Further Ado #223: Omari Malik and BlackTooth Battalion

Comics can be creative and can be entrepreneurial. Sometimes we get excited by the content, and sometimes we get excited by the efforts of the people making it happen.

Omari Malik is a driven creator launching a new anthology comic on Kickstarter, with three stories and three distinct styles. He reached out to me, and I was so impressed with his focus, drive and upbeat attitude.

The three stories in his anthology include:


The first one shot is a teen drama showcasing a 15-year-old girl named Adaysia Mitchell who is a shapeshifter. She can be anything and everything she wants, but she’s struggling to be herself, all while trying to find time to save the world,” Malik said.


“Dogpile” is a story is about a man, ,who lost his entire family in an “accident” when he was a child. Rather than going into foster care, he ran away to find a new family in an unexpected place amongst seven dogs. Now an adult, DaQuan is returning home with his dogs to fight crime and prevent other “accidents” from happening.


The third story follows a 17-year-old named Oh, who was convinced to get tattoos by his friends after being released from juvenile detention. To his surprise, those tattoos gave him superpowers.

Malik hopes the fathers, sons, and families will check out his Kickstarter page which can be found at here.

“When I began coming up with the concept for BlackTooth, I really wanted to write stories that I thought my father would have wanted to read and stories that we could have enjoyed together.” Malik said.