Kickstarters You Should Be Backing – October 2022 Edition – Part 2

You have found Part 2 of our supersized list of campaigns available to support on Kickstarter for October. (Part 1 is here) This part of the list end in November but you need to check them out now find the ones that you want to back.

Kickstarter is a platform available at where creative individuals have the ability to design and run a crowdfunding campaign. The concept is that individuals pledge to support the project, and if the project reaches the planned goal of pledge money in the time that campaign is running, then the project will get made. There are usually many various tiers of backer pledges, and different pledge levels come with different backer reward items. It is a fantastic way for creators to fund the projects that they love and want to create while getting new interesting things into the world.

The campaigns we highlighted for this month are in various states of funding. Some are fully funded and into the state of trying to hit stretch goals that come with even more cool stuff for backers and some are still in need of backers to hit their goal and get their project made.

Some of these projects are being run by well established entities and others are entries by much smaller and newer creators. All the campaigns have been chosen because we want them to succeed, and because we see something special in the product.

The projects are listed below in chronological order of the end of the campaign. So, the ones that end soonest come first. Make sure you click on the Campaign Links for each campaign to get all the detailed info about the rewards and creators. We feel there is something for everyone on this list. Enjoy!

Sharp Wit & the Company of Women
A comic anthology about strong women with weapons across a wide spectrum of genres, created by and for LGBTQIA+ creators and audiences.

Campaign Link:

Ending: Thu, October 27 2022 12:00 PM EDT

PCS Thoughts: If you like supporting independent creators who are creating stories that matter to them, then you must back this anthology. It promises to be both gorgeous and fascinating. That Tula Lotay cover is worth becoming a support all on its own. Just imagine how much more there will be. Check the campaign page for the amazing array of creators who are contributing to this book. 

From the Campaign: 

Across millennia, society has preserved tradition through the use of storytelling. Our perception of the world, and each other, is held together by the glue of apocryphal heroes, villains, and larger than life figures that stand somewhere in-between.

Many tales that endure to this day begin and end at the point of a blade.

There’s something about a hand-wielded weapon that invigorates the imagination. From the depths of antiquity, female heroes captivated the minds of those reading and listening. Women were leaders and keepers of wisdom. In many cultures, they were warriors of strength, will and acumen. In a time where the rights and autonomy of all women are threatened, this legacy must be reclaimed.

  • It is time for women to be represented for the heroes & champions they are.
  • It is time to dispel notions that any gender is lesser than another.
  • It is time for more stories.

SHARP WIT & THE COMPANY OF WOMEN (SWATCOW) is a 150+ page comic anthology comprised of 19 stories ranging in page size from 4 to 6 pages. SWATCOW will focus on stories about women contextualized through whatever lens teams felt met the standards of strength, power and agency. As the second volume of works from Extra Pages Press, these stories will be fully conceived and created by teams comprised entirely of LGBTQIA+ identifying writers and artists.

We hope you join us once more in this shared endeavor of championing queer voices across a spectrum of intersectionality coming together to tell stories of empowerment.

Trick ‘r Treat 15th Anniversary Omnibus Collection
From the deliciously dark imagination of Trick ‘r Treat creator Michael Dougherty

Campaign Link:

Ending: Fri, November 4 2022 2:00 PM EDT.

PCS Thoughts: This is a star-studded extravaganza brought to you by the capable folks at Legendary Comics and Rocketship Entertainment. The book that this campaign will produce is sure to be fantastic. We are excited about this. 

From the Campaign: 

From the deliciously dark imagination of Trick ‘r Treat creator Michael Dougherty (writer/director of Trick r Treat, Krampus, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters — screenwriter of X-Men 2 and Superman Returns), comes the Trick ‘r Treat 15th Anniversary Omnibus Collection.

In celebration of the first-ever theatrical release of Trick ‘r Treat in October 2022, this edition features the original Trick ‘r Treat graphic novel adaptation of the film which has four evocatively illustrated tales of horror interwoven into one unforgettable Halloween night as the unsettling figure known as Sam pays a visit to an unsuspecting community. Also featured is Trick ‘r Treat: Days of the Dead, the sequel graphic novel that features Sam on a journey back through Halloween history. Discover old-world lovers whose romance takes a chilling turn and Western pioneers who discover the dark side of the frontier. Travel to 1950s Los Angeles for a tale of pure horror noir and into the heart of small-town America to see some pranksters taught a lesson they’ll never forget. Across centuries of Halloween horror, wherever fear lies, Sam will be waiting…

This Kickstarter-exclusive edition features an all-new, never published story from creator Michael Dougherty, new cover art by Zid, and a deluxe omnibus slipcase, all of which WILL NOT be available in retail.

The Trick ‘r Treat 15th Anniversary Omnibus Collection is an oversized, 7.5″x11″ graphic novel featuring over 260 pages of content.

Legendary Comics brings fans the full compendium of twisted Halloween tales, brought to life by a top-notch team of creators including writers Zach Shields (Godzilla: KOTM, Krampus) and Todd Casey (Krampus), Eisner Award-winning writer Marc Andreyko (Batwoman), Eisner Award-winning artist Fiona Staples (SAGA), Zid (Skull Island: Birth of Kong; Lost in Space: Countdown To Danger), Stuart Sayger (Bram Stoker’s Death Ship), Stephen Byrne (Green Arrow), Grant Bond (Supernatural), Mike Huddleston (Man Bat), and Christopher Gugliotti (Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

One True Love
After pulling off a heist, two criminals on the run face paranoia and jealousy when an unexpected houseguest arrives at their hideout

Campaign Link:

Ending: Sun, November 6 2022 8:30 PM EST.

PCS Thoughts: We are super excited to see this project get funded. We have a lot of faith in this creative team to deliver a high quality comic story. 

From the Campaign: 

After pulling off the score of a lifetime, two East Coast mobsters named Peter and Paul drive to Los Angeles to lay low at childhood friend Matthew’s Hollywood Hills home until the heat dies down. Everything is going to plan until Matthew’s adult daughter Amber unexpectedly returns home early from her trip.

Paranoia and mistrust quickly ramp up as the crew decides how to handle this unexpected element, unsure of what Amber might see from her room in the pool house and who she might tell.

One True Love is an 80 page crime/suspense graphic novel about greed, paranoia, and lust set in the mythical landscape of 1969 Los Angeles – a place where escaping your troubles seemed to be just as much of a draw as the sunshine and palm trees.

This book is presented in a landscape format (9 inches wide by 5.8 tall) to best capture the widescreen feel of J’s cinematic art.

Her #1 – First Impressions
The mysterious immortal known as Her finds herself in a new time, a new life, but threats from her long past still want her dead.

Campaign Link:

Ending: Thu, November 10 2022 9:10 AM EST.

PCS Thoughts: This is another example of a project by people who are trying to get off the ground. The preview looks amazing and the story is intriguing. We can’t wait to meet Her.

From the Campaign: 

The immortal known as Her is the daughter of both time and tide. She looks for her place in this new world while battling the evils of her past.

“Who is the immortal known as Her?”

Her #1 is the eagerly anticipated ongoing series from Wingless Comics. Hot off the heels of Nightfall, the spotlight is now on the “First Lady of Wingless!” The debut issue reveals Safronia finding herself in San Francisco, acclimating to a world that she no longer recognizes. But lifetimes beyond count mean there are enemies waiting in the shadows prepared to strike!

If you enjoy superhero comics, Her – First Impressions is a comic of mystery and intrigue that will keep you fascinated for all 23 pages! Brought to you by creator Malachi Bailey, penciler Dino Agor, and colorist Nimesh Moraji. Letters by RuneMakerz and published by Wingless Comics.

Join us as we join the immortal Her, navigating a world she no longer recognizes!

The Council of Frogs
A fantasy adventure graphic novel about a brave little frog on a quest to deliver a message to a warlock.

Campaign Link:

Ending: Thu, November 10 2022 9:59 AM EST.

PCS Thoughts: This is an interesting full length graphic novel project with some great backer rewards and add-ons. We are looking forward to getting our hands on it. 

From the Campaign: 

A frog ventures out on a quest to find a warlock and save his family in this 130+ page fantasy graphic novel.

Sent out by his “father” – a kindly old swamp lich – one tiny frog must leave the safety of his home to deliver a message of grave importance to a warlock.

Aided by many unconventional friends along the way, this little frog discovers the dangers of the world beyond his beloved swamp grove.

But the world is a big, harsh place, and he may need more than his dandelion hat and a tiny sword to make it back home before it’s too late.

The Council of Frogs has been a story I’ve been brewing for the last two years after accidentally stumbling into the idea of a corpse that takes care of some frogs.

It’s a glimpse into a world where magic was once common but in the wake of the expansion of kingdoms of men, it has since become scarce. Few practice it and even fewer are accepting of anything magically inclined, frogs included.

This will be a 130+ page softcover book, 17×22 cm. Inside you’ll find:

​Six chapters that tell The Council of Frogs’ completed story. Roughly 130 pages of story and their respective chapter covers. A smattering of curated back matter including early character designs and world building concepts. Pending stretch goal unlocks, I’ll be able to add an additional short story about the Council and some of its other members.

Surprise! Four Secret Comics by JM DeMatteis (DeMultiverse)
4 new comics co-created by artists Tom Mandrake, Shawn McManus, Matthew Dow Smith & David Baldeón. Superhero, fantasy, Western & more!

Campaign Link:

Ending: Thu, November 10 2022 11:58 AM EST.

PCS Thoughts: Although the lead up teases for this project kept it from being a true surprise, it is quite the ambitious project. JM DeMatteis is a master comic storyteller and he partnered up with four aces to create this new comic multiverse. This is a no-brainer. Back it.

From the Campaign: 

Spellbound Comics is proud to open the portal into… THE DeMULTIVERSE.

The DeMultiverse consists of four all-new, all-different comic books written by legendary writer J.M. DeMatteis (Kraven’s Last Hunt, Justice League International, Moonshadow, and hundreds more). Each of the four initial DeMultiverse titles is completely different in tone and style, and each one is co-created by a different artist!

As an added bonus, all backers who purchase either a complete set of all four first issues OR The DeMultiverse Trade Paperback (or both, if you’re a true completist) will be contacted after the campaign to VOTE for which of the four you enjoyed the most! The title that receives the most votes will be the first to continue to a full series.

Think of these initial four DeMultiverse titles as pilot episodes of different TV shows and only ONE, based on your voting, will be greenlit to series (for now!). Spellbound’s next campaign will feature issues #2-5 of the winning series, based on YOUR choice!

Here are the four 22-page full-color titles eligible backers will be voting on!


Illustrated by Marvel Comics artist David BaldeónANYMAN is a contemporary superhero book with an unexpected twist. If you’ve enjoyed JM’s more mainstream superhero work on Spider-ManJustice League or Captain America, you were born to love ANYMAN!


Who is Godsend? A superhero? Alien? Celestial being? JM and artist Matthew Dow Smith will be providing answers to those questions and more in this cosmic mystery that JM himself describes as “Jack Kirby meets The Matrix meets Philip K. Dick.”

Layla in the Lands of After

LAYLA IN THE LANDS OF AFTER is an all-ages fantasy adventure about the Afterlife, illustrated by the great Shawn (Sandman) McManus. From Moonshadow to Abadazad to Imaginalis, there is no greater writer of comic book fantasy than JM DeMatteis. LAYLA is his latest Can’t Miss in this genre.


Brought to visual life via the haunted pen of Tom Mandrake, with WISDOM, JM has crafted an exceptional supernatural tale of the Old West that is both a Western anthology and a fantasy epic. Deadwood meets The X-Files. John Ford meets Tolkien. Deeply personal and hugely epic.

All four titles will be available as single issues with a “COVER A” drawn by the series’ artist and a “COVER B” drawn by a special guest artist. We’ll be unveiling the work of the guest cover artists throughout the campaign; expect to see some incredible images by fan favorite artists Dustin Nguyen, Kevin Maguire and a mystery artist we can’t wait to reveal to the world. In the meantime, please welcome LAYLA IN THE LAND OF AFTER’s guest cover artist…J.H. WILLIAMS III!

We will also be collecting all four titles in one 100+ page softcover trade called The DeMultiverse Collection. In addition to the four complete issue #1s, The DeMultiverse Collection will include J.M.-penned introductions to each title where he discusses the genesis of the idea, its behind-the-scenes history, and why he just had to tell this story. There will also be never-before-seen artistic goodies like character designs, unpublished sketches, script pages, and more! And finally, you’ll find a very special foreword on J.M.’s career and works by an absolute legend in the comic book industry, a person who knows J.M. as well as anyone: legendary writer and former Marvel Editor-In Chief TOM DEFALCO!

Oh, and did we mention that the trade will feature a cover by the incredible LIAM SHARP?


The Game 1-3
In the game of life, no one’s been keeping score… until now. From the creators of White Ash and Glarien. Welcome to THE GAME

Campaign Link:

Ending: Wed, November 16 2022 11:59 AM EST.

PCS Thoughts: This looks like a great comic story from people who know how to tell great comic stories. There is plenty of preview on the campaign page. We are ready to go.

From the Campaign: 

The Game is a sci-fi comic book series from the creators of White Ash and Glarien.

Written by Charlie Stickney with art and letters by Conor Hughes and colors by Tríona Farrell, the 48 page oversized second issue issue contains Chapters Two AND Three of The Game. Picking up where we left off, the story follows the down on his luck Eli, who on his thirtieth birthday is told he’s Player Number 3 in a game that’s been going for over a thousand years. And that he needs to figure out the rules pretty quick if he wants to survive.

Think Quantum Leap (the original series, not the remake), if Sam happened to jump into the body of The Highlander, and then got dragged into a sexy noir thriller.

It’s an ambitious combo, but around here it’s go big or go home if you want to have a chance of winning…

If you’re new to The Game/ White Ash Comics, WELCOME. The Game exists in a separate universe from our White Ash books (at least for now) so you don’t have to be well-versed in White Ash to play. But if you want to get caught up on all things White Ash, Glarien and the other books we put out through White Ash Comics, we’ll have tiers for that.

So just what is The Game?
That’s the question that’s rocking Eli Tanner. It’s also a question that’s hard to answer without giving too much away. And if you’ve read White Ash or Glarien, you know half the fun of the series is finding out the next big reveal.

And…. That’s all for this month. What a great collection of creator owned material that is being made today!! Come back next month for what is promising to be another great bunch of crowdfunded comics.