Kickstarters You Should Be Backing – October 2022 Edition – Part 1

This month we have a special supersized list of campaigns available to support on Kickstarter. So many in fact that we couldn’t fit them all in one post. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.

There are a bunch of projects on this list that have a horror or spooky theme that fits the time of year, and we fit most of them in this first post.

Kickstarter is a platform available at where creative individuals have the ability to design and run a crowdfunding campaign. The concept is that individuals pledge to support the project, and if the project reaches the planned goal of pledge money in the time that campaign is running, then the project will get made. There are usually many various tiers of backer pledges, and different pledge levels come with different backer reward items. It is a fantastic way for creators to fund the projects that they love and want to create while getting new interesting things into the world.

The campaigns we highlighted for this month are in various states of funding. Some are fully funded and into the state of trying to hit stretch goals that come with even more cool stuff for backers and some are still in need of backers to hit their goal and get their project made.

Some of these projects are being run by well established entities and others are entries by much smaller and newer creators. All the campaigns have been chosen because we want them to succeed, and because we see something special in the product.

The projects are listed below in chronological order of the end of the campaign. So, the ones that end soonest come first. Make sure you click on the Campaign Links for each campaign to get all the detailed info about the rewards and creators. We feel there is something for everyone on this list. Enjoy!

Frankenstein the Unconquered #1 & 2: An Action-Horror Comic
Frankenstein’s monster thaws from the ice 500 years in the future to find a bombed out apocalypse as hideous and broken as he is.

Campaign Link:

Ending: Wed, October 19 2022 9:30 PM EDT.

PCS Thoughts: This campaign is ending soon. It looks like a great story and has very reasonably structured backer reward tiers. Looking forward to getting a hold of this.

From the Campaign:

What is Frankenstein the Unconquered?
Frankenstein the Unconquered is a 20 page full color comic about violence as a mode of survival, the destructive inertia of revenge, and how toxic masculinity damages individuals and the environment around them. It’s a love letter to pulpy adventure comics and films like Conan the Barbarian and Mad Max as well as Universal Horror Monsters and the literature that inspired them.

This is our 5th Kickstarter campaign and we’re going all out to make sure we make the best comic we can with the best experience possible for our backers! You can expect clear, frequent communication, quick delivery, and a badass comic from this team!

What’s it About?
500 years in the future, the arctic thaws and the Beast awakens to a bombed out post-apocalypse as hideous and hostile as he is. Seeing an opportunity to reinvent himself and live the peaceful life he always wanted, the Beast attempts to settle down and live simply with villagers who are unafraid of his ghastly appearance. But when soldiers come to collect their due, violence is the only answer the Beast can come up with, and his dream of living simply is ripped away.

Having followed his war path to its bloody conclusion, the Beast was exiled to the stars, his legacy tarnished, his family flayed before his eyes. For thirty years, the world has known an uneasy peace, but the Beast never stopped fighting for control and now, on the dawn of the 200th year, the sky explodes and the Beast, bathed in the cosmic blood of stars and comets, has returned. God help anyone who stands in his way.

Chapter One shows Frankenstein monster’s return to the Earth after his exile in the stars and explains how he ended up in this post apocalyptic future.

Chapter Two introduces two pivotal characters, The Wolfman and The Bride. In the present, Frank discovers a massacre and a lone survivor welcomes him into his home, offering the beast food, comfort and hospitality…until the sun goes down and the full moon rises. Meanwhile, in the past, Frank is attacked by a warlord and must work with his Bride to fight his way out. They’re outnumbered, but far from outmatched. Carnage, anger, and loss permeate comic with consequences that will walk with the Beast for the rest of his unnatural life.

POPEYE VARIATIONS Art Book by 75+ Cartoonists
Featuring Jeffrey Brown, Roz Chast, Kelley Jones, Shing Yin Khor, Jorge Guitierrez, Roger Langridge, R. Sikoryak & more!

Campaign Link:

Ending: Wed, October 19 2022 11:59 PM EDT.

PCS Thoughts: What a fantastic array of creators coming together on this legendary character! Clover Press and Yoe Books are known for high quality production. This project is a can’t miss. Hurry before you miss it.

From the Campaign: 

Clover Press and Yoe! Books are teaming up for Popeye Variations, a 10″ x 10″ hardcover book featuring over 75 underground and mainstream artists and cartoonists with their own takes on the spinach-munching, bully-punching Popeye the Sailor Man. The project includes pin-ups from contributors such as Adventure Time storyboard artist Derek Ballard, The New Yorker’s Roz Chast, The Book of Life director and acclaimed painter Jorge Guiterrez, legendary comic artist Kelley Jones, and Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell.

There are also comic strips by cartoonist Jeffrey Brown (Darth Vader and Son), Cat Ferris (The Ghoul Next Door), Eisner Award-winning artist Dean Haspiel (The Red Hook), Eisner Award-winning artist Erica Henderson (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl), National Book Award finalist Shing Yin Khor (The Legend of Auntie Po), Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Liniers, Roger Langridge (The Muppets), The Humans’ creator Tom Neely, R. Sikoryak (Masterpiece Comics), writer Jeff Parker (Blighter), Sarah Winifred Searle (The Greatest Thing), legendary writer Scott Shaw! and Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai, and many more.

Monstrosities: A Horror Anthology
A 100+ page horror comic anthology featuring insanity inducing monsters never before seen on the page by independent comic creators.

Campaign Link:

Ending: Thu, October 20 2022 6:41 AM EDT.

PCS Thoughts: Who doesn’t love a Horror Anthology just in time for Halloween. This is a great way to get exposure to different independent creators.

From the Campaign: 

Welcome to Monstrosities, Warden Comics’ 2022 horror comic anthology. Volume 1 of Monstrosities will feature insanity inducing monsters never before seen on the page by a unique set of independent comic creators!

Returning from their recent successes on NOD, Double Cross, and Crow and the Eternal Night, Monstrosities is a full escapade of horror crazy curated by Ludie Sexton and Colleen Palmer.

For this project, we’ve paired some insanely talented indie creators to bring you over 100 pages of insanity driven terror. If that’s not enough to back our book, it’s also complete and ready to go to print as soon as the Kickstarter is over!

Our amazing creator lineup:

  • A Door, Darkly by Tom Ravid & Brian Beardsley
  • Trades of Shame by Leonardo Nieto & Nicolás Nieto
  • Cat’s Eye by Rio Burton
  • Starved for Attention by Ian-David Jones & The Q Method
  • The Ark by David Thomas & Jorge Louis Gabotto
  • The Night Shift by Gabe Cheng & Elisa Meneghel
  • Seeing Red by Dino Caruso & Sam Agro
  • It Lights the House by Clare Rushing & Delia Gunderson
  • New Life by Robert Menegus & David Brame
  • The Dream Weaver by J.D. Harlock & Michele Santoro
  • The Ritual of Skin by David Accampo & Chris Anderson
  • A Waking Dream by misterguh
  • Ties That Bind by James Scott & Tango
  • The Backrooms by Ludie Sexton & Colleen Palmer

Nightcare – Adventures in Superhero Babysitting!
Sometimes saving the world means saving your best friend.

Campaign Link:

Ending: Thu, October 20 2022 12:04 PM EDT.

PCS Thoughts: This looks like a fun super-heroey (It’s a word. Trust me.) comic adventure. There are reasonable backer tiers with a bunch of cover options. We are looking forward to the project getting made.

From the Campaign: 

What’s Nightcare? If you’re a superhero, it’s where you can drop your kids off as you head out into the night to do some good. If you’re a supervillain, it’s where you can drop of your kids before you go and get up to no good. If you’re just a normal, every day person who has a child that is developing superpowers, it’s where you can drop your kiddo off at so they can learn about their abilities and develop them.

We took our love of John Hughes movies and infused it with our love of teen superheroes. The result was Adventures in Babysitting The Teen Titan Runaways — or as we like to call it, Nightcare. It’s a 48-page, full color comic about a group of very special children who are not taken seriously, who have to step up to save one of their friends when everyone tells them not to. They put aside their prejudices to become something mightier than anyone could have imagined. The world can be a big, scary place and sometimes terrible things happen — but with some determination and the right set of friends, anything is possible.

The story begins with AURORA SWIFT being taken to Nightcare for the very first time. Her parents are not superheroes or supervillains, but their little girl is special. Not only does she have autism and ADHD, she seems to move at the speed of thought, appearing on the other side of the room in the time it takes them to blink. They want her in a program that will help her harness her abilities while being around other children her age who are going through the same thing.

Nightcare is run by EMMY, who was a teen superhero that went by the name PIXEL. Emmy gives them the tour and Aurora meets the kids who will soon become her best friends: WHISK, a little boy who can fly and who is carrying on the family legacy. ANOMALY, a girl who’s trying to figure out who or what she is, but has learned she cannot be hurt. ETHAN EMBER, a boy who can summon fire with the snap of his fingers. And SERENITY, a girl who looks like living stardust and can create an impenetrable suit of armor to protect herself. Aurora loves them and befriends them immediately, begging her parents to let her start coming here.

Aurora starts going to Nightcare and everything seems great — but then one of her friends, Anomaly, is kidnapped. Anomaly is snatched away in the middle of the night. The kids are, rightfully so, freaking out. If Anomaly could be kidnapped, any of them could be! They were supposed to safe here! The adults and the security systems were supposed to protect them! Feeling as though everything and everyone has failed them, they take it upon themselves to find their friend. Aurora takes on the name HUMMINGBIRD and they head out into the night!


Campaign Link:

Ending: Wed, October 26 2022 5:00 PM EDT.

PCS Thoughts: This comic project looks like a straight up romp. We are happy to get behind this project by a seasoned creator. 

From the Campaign: 

Jake made deal with the devil for his eternal soul (original I know, but wait till you read it, this is VERY different) but instead of waiting till his time is up or trying to wiggle out of the agreement, he goes to Hell WILLINGLY!

Why on Earth would someone do this?!… Well, he has only one goal in mind.

With nothing more than a MASSIVE hammer duck taped to his hand, Jake is going to kill the devil!

This comic has action, it has gore…but it also has a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


You won’t be disappointed!

BEAUTIFUL MACABRE rare vintage occult poster art 1862-1973
Sinister and sensual artworks from the Golden Age of poster art! A book of rare occult images from the Century Guild Museum archive.

Campaign Link:

Ending: Mon, October 31 2022 11:30 PM EDT.

PCS Thoughts: This is the rare opportunity on Kickstarter to get something you may have missed. This art book is the hardcover edition of some amazing rare images. Given the subject matter, it seems appropriate that it ends on All Hallows Eve. 

From the Campaign: 

A book of sinister and bewitching posters from 1862 Victoriana to 1973 Psychedelia!
Suave skeletons, shocking social hygiene ads, and all manner of dark and eerie occult artworks! Over ninety rare original posters are documented in BEAUTIFUL MACABRE: Rare and Peculiar Posters 1862-1973; a deluxe, limited edition hardcover book featuring full-page, full-color, high-resolution images captured directly from the original artworks in the Century Guild museum archive!

Beautiful Macabre: Rare and Peculiar Posters 1862-1973 [Hardcover Edition]

  • Limited edition hardcover
  • Large-format 9 in. x 12 in. book
  • Foil stamping and spot varnish
  • 104 pp, full color throughout
  • All high-resolution, original source images

For over 20 years, Century Guild has been devoted to building and presenting an archive of important artworks that define the origins of popular culture. We’ve exhibited remarkable artworks in venues as varied as LA Art, The Merchandise Mart International Antiques Fair, and San Diego Comic Con, and works previously in our collection have been displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Detroit Institute of Art, and LACMA.

In 2017 the paperback edition of BEAUTIFUL MACABRE: Rare and Peculiar Posters 1862-1973 was published thanks to the incredible support of the Kickstarter community. This October, we’re thrilled to take part in Kickstarter’s spellbinding new initiative Witchstarter- the first open call for projects in the Magic & Divination category- and for this special endeavor we’ve decided to create a deluxe, large-format hardcover edition of the sold-out book, and expand it with over sixteen pages of additional unique works!

Beautiful Macabre: Rare and Peculiar Posters 1862-1973 documents an incredible selection of sinister and bizarre artworks from the Golden Age of vintage poster art. Featuring ultra high-resolution images from original artworks in the Century Guild archive, this new expanded hardcover edition allows you to get an up close examination of some of the rarest posters in the museum’s collection!

We’ve prepared the materials, and by pre-ordering a copy of the book and spreading the word, you can help us bring this project to life. We love tactile experiences, and in a hyper-stimulating digital era there is nothing more meditative than thoughtfully turning the pages of a well-crafted book. With your help, we can perpetuate this romantic educational experience.

I Am Hexed: Volume 1
The collected 1st volume of all 4 issues of Kirsten Thompson’s original comic about the political struggles of modern-day witches.

Campaign Link:

Ending: Wed, November 2 2022 3:43 PM EDT.

PCS Thoughts: This is a Rocketship Entertainment project, so there is plenty of trust in the delivery and quality of the rewards. The story looks fun and interesting by an excellent group of creators. Will definitely back this. 

From the Campaign: 

I Am Hexed is a supernatural political thriller. There’s magic, mystery, personal drama, and an accidentally carnivorous plant.

Witches have been a part of the political fabric of Washington D.C. since it was founded. It’s only since the 1960s that witches stood together and fought to take back the word “Hexed”. A movement was ignited when witches came out of the shadows and proudly showed off their broomsticks.

The witch-hunt for Charlie, Jaya, and Florence continues as they find themselves on the run from malevolent forces both inside and outside the government. The three witches must harness their powers to defend themselves while unraveling a mystery that could save the entire witching community.

The goal of the Kickstarter is to take the 4 issues of the comic and put them into one collected volume, then print and get it into your hands as quickly as possible! The more we raise the more stretch goals are unlocked and the more add ons we can offer. The stretch goals and add ons will be revealed as the campaign progresses and when they unlock we’ll reveal the next ones. We think everyone will be pleasantly surprised by each!

So, what am I getting for my pledge? All backers at the $24 tier will receive the softcover graphic novel (featuring all 4 issues), printed at 6.625″x10.25″ – approximately 128 pages of content!

Too Much Coffee Man, the Original Comic Books 1-9
A collection of the original Too Much Coffee Man comic books; an existential journey.

Campaign Link:

Ending: Thu, November 3 2022 2:01 PM EDT.

PCS Thoughts: This is a project we were excited to run across. Shannon Wheeler’s Too Much Coffee Man is something that everyone should get a chance to see and the fact that he is getting to do it the way he always envisioned is a great thing. 

From the Campaign: 

I self-published the Too Much Coffee Man comic books between 1993 and 2000. It was always intended to be a single graphic novel. Three separate stories; a cartoonist, a reader, and Too Much Coffee Man himself. This book finally presents the comics as I meant them to be read. They’re annotated with introductions explaining my intentions and context of my comic’s creation.