Spotlight Squadcast Interview: Jeffrey Burandt and Sean Von Gorman Talk Ghost Planet.

Our latest spotlight interview brought us to a team of collaborators about to bring a sci-fi horror comic to stores near you this October. Writer Jeff Burandt and artist Sean Von Gorman have Ghost Planet releasing on October 19th from Scout Comics.

We spoke with the two creators about the inspiration for the book as well as the interesting history of what went into getting it published.  Ghost Planet is a forty-page one-shot comic about a family of space explorers that land on a planet with a terrible secret. The first two chapters were released on Webtoons as part of a weekly challenge.

This pair have been frequent collaborators, and we talked about some of the cool things that they are working on besides Ghost Planet.

This conversation was a lot of fun. We hope you listen to the Squadcast below and then check out the info about Ghost Planet including our exclusive review following the audio.

Ghost Planet #1
Scout Comics
Written by Jeffrey Burandt
Art, Colors, and Lettering by Sean Von Gorman
Cover Art by Von Gorman

Release Date: October 19, 2022

Original Solicitation:

A family of deep space explorers rushes to solve the mystery of Ghost Planet before their recently-dead loved ones return to kill them next! Murder birds, eye stalks and space pigs abound in this 40-page graphic novella. Ghost Planet is a classic sci-fi tale with a body horror twist.

PCS Review:

This book is a perfect treat for the spooky season. In a cross between The Twilight Zone and a John Carpenter film, Burandt and Von Gorman deliver a gripping story with impeccable pacing and wonderful visuals.

The use of color and economy of dialogue enhance the reading experience in important ways. Von Gorman uses a limited color palette, and that controls the temperature of each panel. The execution of the line work and color convey an emotional story with a strained family dynamic that is thrust into a complete nightmare of interstellar exploration.

I really enjoyed it and highly recommend this book.

During the conversation linked above, Sean, Jeff, and I spoke about a particular panel that was questioned by censors. We put it here for you to judge if they fulfilled the “SOB rule”. (IYKYK).

Another image from the Squadcast is on the right. You can find this representation of yours truly in the expanded editions of The Pedestrian ashcan prints at NYCC and Baltimore Comic-Con at Sean’s table.

If you are looking to see the creators of this book they will be at NYCC and Baltimore Comic-Con. There will also be a signing tour for Ghost Planet with more details to come.

I recommend following @ghostplanetcomic on Instagram and @GHOSTPLANETGN on Twitter for updates.

You can also find Jeff at @jef_uk on Twitter and Instagram.

Sean goes by at @vongormanart on Twitter and also on Instagram.

Don’t forget that the Final Order Cutoff (FOC) for Ghost Planet #1 is this coming Monday 9/19/2022. Below is a nifty form you can print and take to your LCS to make sure they order it for you.