Spotlight SquadCast Interview with Shelly Bond about Fast Times in Comic Book Editing

Our latest spotlight SquadCast interview is with comic editor and publisher Shelly Bond. She is a returning guest and we were able to spend some time talking about her latest project Fast Times in Comic Book Editing.

Her latest effort from Offregister Press, the company that she runs with her husband Phillip Bond, is part memoir and part editorial handbook focusing on her time working on the Vertigo Imprint at DC Comics.

She had a hand in some of the most important comics of the 90s and that helped shape her into the superstar comic editor that she is today.

We talked about Shelly’s projects including the recently completed Filth and Grammar: The Comic Editor’s Secret Handbook, and Geezer. We also talked about comic books in general and why they became her passion.

The latest book, Fast Times, is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and you can find out more about that project below the SquadCast recording.

We hope that you enjoy the conversation.



A Love Letter to New York City in the ’90s.

About the Campaign:

A collection of stories and comics that chart the rise and fall and rise of a career-driven editor working in New York City in the ’90s, who’s in over her head as she tries to secure a place in the male-dominated comic book industry.

FAST TIMES IN COMIC BOOK EDITING is told through a series of short comics, photo/visual montage timelines, prose, and experimental art including a satirical TTRPG “How to Climb The Corporate Ladder From Hell.” Guest writers and artists including Neil Gaiman, Jill Thompson, Paul Pope, Michael Allred, Steven T. Seagle, Mike Carey, and Peter Gross provide brief encounters along the way.

At its core, FAST TIMES celebrates the hustle of monthly comics and the rustle of feathers and heart chambers—the universal love for story and longing to connect through words and pictures.

PCS Commentary:

This is a very straightforward campaign. They are kickstarting a graphic novel and the rewards are the digital, softcover, and hardcover editions of the book. There is also a swag bag option, and the Offregister swag bags are always chock full of great stuff.

Besides the stellar list of artistic contributors to to this memoir, there is one aspect to this campaign that makes backing this project a once in a lifetime experience. Shelly has gotten previous collaborators to agree to do virtual meetups and have video team reunions for some of the most influential comic books ever.

The quality of the product that the Bonds put out combined with the stretch goals for this project make backing this campaign a no-brainer. The book itself seems like a super interesting window into an important time in comic history from a unique perspective.

We are happily anticipating the successful conclusion of this campaign. You can back it here.

Shelly Bond has a wonderful social media presence. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

All the publications from Offregister Press as well as links to their merch can be found at